November 23, 2015

Time OutI

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I'd like to say that the reason I have slowed down on the blog is because we are on vacation. Which we are. See those birds. They are scurrying along as quickly as their little legs can carry them on Anna Maria Island. We have been busy not being busy at the Ringling Museum, eating ice cream, and having the age old argument- Beach. NO. Pool. NO. How about both. OK. Instead I have been busy writing...but not really for you guys. Or for me. We can argue (and I might) that any writing is good for Read more [...]
November 16, 2015


Hacker. Ninja. Hooker. Spy.
One of my favorite bloggers moved to Denver. It didn't take much stalking for us to make a coffee date. The day after I met her at my office local coffee shop I had a major spill. A week and a sinus infection/stomach bug/pinched nerve later we got together again. Inspired by her blog tagline "Some mistakes are too good not to share" I told her what I am going to tell you. Almost every day I meet my cousin and we share a two top. We squeeze our laptops on a small space and line them with phones Read more [...]
November 12, 2015

Phone Phobic 2

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While I write 30 posts in 45 days I need some help to keep my own blog going. So I will help myself. I am going to pull posts from my archives, edit them, and let you enjoy them all over again. This one was from September 2013. As a kid I ran full speed into the kitchen wall trying to be the first to answer its shrill ring. Why I raced I don’t know as my mother moved at regular speed and my father moved away from that beastus interruptus at least as quickly as I moved towards it. It was Read more [...]
November 10, 2015

How (not) to have the best night’s sleep of your life

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I stand paused in front of a cook book called "Dump." I see that it was written for the crockpot set, but still wonder at the branding team that unloaded this on the public. I want to reach out to examine it more closely but my good arm is filled with animal shaped slippers and as seen on TV engraving tools. It is early November so I am following the Rite Aid Rule and shopping for the holidays. Really I am waiting for my medication (AGAIN) but as the customer flow wizards know waiting is the same Read more [...]
November 4, 2015

Middle me this

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I am great at starting things. Fights, businesses, giggle fits in my boys. I am also skilled at endings. I can sell houses, close LLCs, pack boxes and move away. It is the middle that is tricky. Life is mostly middles. Here are just a few: Household maintenance, with its endless cycles of dishes and laundry. All the days between the goal setting of New Year's day and the celebration of New Year's eve. The stages of a project between conception to conclusion. The calorie counting and food Read more [...]
October 30, 2015

Why I write version 4.

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The word dump that allows the brain dump. 1.Because I think through typing. 2.AND to clear the words from my head. (Logic is not one of the reasons.) 3.There are people that want to talk about depression and miscarriage and money and sex who need an over sharer in their life. That might as well be me. 4.I want to have a one word answer to “what do you do?” at cocktail parties. 5.A $25 check made out to me is better than a $25 check made out by me. 6.I always wanted to make stuff but I Read more [...]
October 29, 2015

Piss off pumpkin

  Dear pumpkin, You have haunted me like the holiday you belong to. Beginning in September, when it was 80 degrees in most spots you and your spooky spices started showing up on chalkboards everywhere. What sort of exorcism will I need to get you out of Trader Joe's? At first I thought you were just all over the flyer...but no. You have overtaken endcaps, you are on the top shelves and the tasting area. You are in baked goods (reasonable) coffees (gross) and beer (I have no words.) How Read more [...]
October 28, 2015


Everyone go on Facebook right now and list your best friends.  Just put it right there in the status update. If you want you can number them 1. 2. 3. That's optional. But selecting a few friends is not. Go ahead. No? Ok. You don't list your best friends anymore...that was so third grade. wasn't such a great thing in third grade was it? How would you feel if your teacher had you list your best friends and post them on your locker? Which is in the common hallway for the entire Read more [...]
October 26, 2015


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What did you do this weekend? Did you realize that your world exists in a hive mentality? Did you shake off your new found disillusions to revel in the glee of your own power? Did you get appointed mayor of a major (ish) city? Well we did. We hosted some folks for wine and cheese on Friday.  Towards the end of the evening a small handful of us tore ourselves away from the cheese and sunk into the squishy seats in the adjoining living room. Talk turned to the efficacy of social media and Read more [...]
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