July 25, 2016


Anna Rosenblum Palmer egomaniac.
When Steve types my name into Facebook search it returns the result "Anna Rosenblum Palmer egomaniac". This upsets him. But it doesn't bother me. (See, that's what an egomaniac would say). I spend almost every morning writing about myself. Then I often share what I wrote. At its best blogging allows readers to see the world through another person's eyes. Sometimes they are enlightened by the differences in lifestyle and world view from their own. Sometimes they are comforted by the similarities Read more [...]
July 18, 2016

Hello, my name is Anna, and I am racist

Look how symbolic.
All of the white things I did this weekend, followed by some of the thoughts I had about being a racist. We all know weekends start on Thursday so I began with wine and cheese with some lovely ladies in my living room. There was a lot of Rose. A friend was in town for a "rock concert" (his words) so he popped by for a whiskey and chat at the end of the party and got to enjoy my line up of Mrs. Meyers scented products on my counter. Geranium is my favorite. He asked if it was a joke, and in Read more [...]
July 13, 2016

Pokemon Go on Home

My tip is that this is worth a tip.
The Holocaust Museum reportedly posted a sign telling visitors to stop catching Pokemon there. If you don't understand how ridiculous this is you are either too young or too old to be reading this blog. As a 40 something jew I am the perfect demographic for, well, my own life. Which is an uplifting thought. Not uplifting? Catching imaginary cartoon beasts in a building designed to remind us of the worst of humanity, and to kindle the flames of hope that we can persevere through great atrocity. Read more [...]
July 11, 2016

My second to last first date

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.04.35 AM
It is the end of another long night at my bar. I am spitting out orders to the closing staff, and swallowing the last sip of my single drink of the night. A medium sized man approaches me. Despite the late hour he is unlike the other drinkers who linger. His calm surrounds him in a cloud and I want to step into it. I can’t quite tell which celebrity he looks like. But one of them. It remains just on the outskirts of my brain as we talk, and I am distracted by this and his forearms while he asks Read more [...]
July 6, 2016

There are lots of places like home.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.54.17 AM
Our time away from home was all about home. We started in Vermont. I was sort of crushed by it. Unlike last summer where Vermont was wearing its sunshine finery it was grey and chilly for most of this visit. Last year we went tubing on the lake, to outdoor concerts, and BBQs at the yacht club (whatever you are picturing when you read the phrase yacht club you are incorrect- it is quite un yacht like.) This year we shivered. Even so as we branched onto Falls Rd at 11pm past the literal country Read more [...]
June 8, 2016


I'm taking a month off. I'll be traveling with the family and working (I hope) on a longer project. If anything truly outrageous occurs I will likely post here...because if I don't bitch about it online I might have just imagined it. Happy June     Read more [...]
June 7, 2016

Flash mob flash point

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 9.33.24 AM
"I'm going to have a miserable day." He throws his words at me like a threat. Their impact is somewhat lessened by the fact that he is zipping himself into a full body suit of smurf-like blue fleece. It is the last day of school and he is beginning his end in tears just like he has done in the past. Last night I made a medium sized parenting mis-step. We were home, snuggling in bed a bit after bedtime, and he began silently crying. This kind of cry is not whined or screamed, it doesn't have Read more [...]
June 2, 2016

You married the wrong person. Now what?

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.56.33 AM
By now you have all read (or ignored) Alain De Botton's (ADB's- if I can call him that) NYTimes opinion piece..."Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person." If you chose to ignore it you should read it. This is not my first blog post. I know that very few of you clicked that link, so I will boil down De Botton's beautifully reasoned piece with less lyricism and more lyrics. Fields of Gold. People used to marry to get more fields (or gold, or titles or whatever.) That was the marriage of reason. More Read more [...]
May 26, 2016

The mom bra

Not a mom bra
She deemed me a 40G which I joked sounded more like an apartment number than a bra size. Read more [...]
May 24, 2016

The Gummy Bear Rorschach Test

Gummy Bear Rorschach
The first time I saw this picture (oh be quiet, you know you have a picture of gelatin desserts that you look at once a week too) I thought our little guy in the front was looking pretty jaunty. He was off to have a day of some sort. Probably a sweet day. He was no longer a mashed mess of bear limbs in a bag. I couldn't quite see his expression (perhaps because his face just sort of fades away into a blob) but I imagined him smiling. Today? Today he looks like he has turned away from the Read more [...]
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