October 5, 2015

Crash Landing

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.09.20 AM
I rushed back to the airport with my ID in hand. It is a lucky thing that I arrive at the airport for my flight before the plane has even left its prior destination. This gave me time to uber home, grab my striped pouch and head back to the airport in time to make my flight. I was tense the entire ride, but felt my breathing begin to regulate as I glided through pre-check and boarded the below ground train for terminal B. When I got to the gate I was surprised that the plane waiting was a prop Read more [...]
October 1, 2015

Letting Go

Cape Cod National Seashore. Imagine it an angry grey.
This weekend is the fiftieth meeting of the Wellfleet Psychohistory Group.  These doctors and scholars gather on Cape Cod every October when the heath and heather turn to their purples and rusts. They meet surrounded by the scrub brush of the National Seashore with a broad view of the Atlantic's transition from blue to grey as it lets go of the summer sunshine. The sea shore that is their setting was founded by Kennedy in 1961, only four years before these meetings began. My generation thinks Read more [...]
September 29, 2015


What do you call this? Is there even a QUESTION?
  Offering great respect to Homer Simpson I still need to lament the way baked good are tearing at the very fabric of my marriage. Somewhere in the archives of this blog you can read the heated full family fight about which is the TOP of the pancake. I had reasoning for my opinion then (the side facing the sky on your first pour) but I didn't feel quite as adamant as I do this time. It is four days since our original battle and I still don't think Steve has shown the repentance Read more [...]
September 28, 2015

Entering the race

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.35.48 AM
I have always felt uniquely unsuited to write about race. I have spent my life cultivating white guilt. As a family story goes when I was three I was held in the arms of a older man with brown skin. I reached up and stroked his face. And asked "Why don't you wash the dirt off." What can I think of that? I grew up in a predominantly white suburb of Boston. Our elementary school was a receiving site for the METCO bus program, where kids from inner Boston would travel to our neighborhood school Read more [...]
September 23, 2015

Mind Full

Driving to the coffee shop under an uncharacteristically cloudy sky I am thinking about Descartes. So I guess "I am." He can't have meant the tidal suck that drown me at night. There is a quality to the 3 am storm that belies the relative importance of the worries. I can be drowning in thoughts about major health issues, the existance of a higher power, tax audits or how to sync my iPhotos.  They each feel equally out of my control in the slim hours of the AM. In the afternoons after school Read more [...]
September 22, 2015

Cloudy with a chance of apples

After years of singing the praises of my various apple devices a storm cloud has passed over my sunshine-y view. Somehow becoming a family in the apple world has just driven us apart. We used to share music, books, and calendars. That is over. I exist on my own island, unbacked up. Without backup. I understand there must be a fix to this, but having tried all of the most obvious things, I am ready to just exist alone. Before I resigned myself to this lonely life I gave Steve a crack at a Read more [...]
September 16, 2015

Taking A Strand

"Give it." "That's miiiine." These pleas pour from Oliver's mouth. They are extended and whiny and generally annoying to everyone but his brother who has teased them out of him with skill. He has been slowly sorting through Oliver's homework and has pulled out the only unfinished page which he now waves just out of his brother's reach. Oliver is a diligent student, and has just written a paragraph about civil rights which includes all of the vocabulary words introduced in fifth grade this Read more [...]
September 15, 2015

Present Tense

There are times I feel younger than my age because of weird enthusiasms. Like when I lean in with glee to hear about a friends sexual interludes, or when I joke about nutsacks with my kids, and obviously when I pretend the pool cue is a tail and trot oddly around the game room. Then there are times when I feel about 16 for more sickly reasons. I measure up my outfits against other moms at school pick up, I force myself to stay late at a party for fear I will miss something, and when I rebel Read more [...]
September 14, 2015

No Thank you

I know, I JUST wrote about thank you notes. I'm not done yet. In the past two days I have gathered more ammunition in my battle against the social norms surrounding gratitude. Saturday a hundred plus of us stood in a shallow arc looking up at the couple on the centuries old granite stairs. In this moderate sized town where most people are known to each other these two have made a larger than average mark. Their contributions include real estate developments, school board service, neighborhood Read more [...]
September 10, 2015

Free Range Cats

I'm sure people are outraged by this, but we let our cats roam free. In Vermont that meant lots of sappy pine needle encrusted dreadlocks. It also meant catamounts. In the 18 years I lived in Vermont with between 1 and 4 cats we lost 2 full cats and one cat tail to predators. If we consider the tail .20 of a cat we can calculate a rate of .12 cats/year. Which if you have an overweight cat might be a very good thing. I joke. There are risks to outdoor cats, cars, critters and here in Read more [...]
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