Because I am a rule bender my first public 5/5 post (inspired by Christina) is actually a 1/5. One image, five quick written thoughts.

Screenshot 2014-06-05 07.49.07

1 & 2. Summer and child. These two are timeless. They could be from any era. Mostly I see her arm. Look at how strong it is. It has carried trays, her body in countless yoga poses, friends and now this one. She is an old friend, who knew me in my last life. I remember times when she was not so strong. I was not so strong. She prompted the first painful shot of loss last night at our goodbye Vermont party. And then told me she was leaving too.

3 & 4. Jess and belly. She was the very first employee of the waiting room. She stayed from first day to last. Her talents are legion. She writes and takes photographs, and generally adds beauty to life. She treads lightly in life. I want to say with caution if there is a more gentle way to say that. But really, at least in the days I knew her moment to moment…with caution. And more than a decade later she puts forth the ultimate act of optimism. The cataclysmic change of motherhood.

5. The relationships. You can see their connection. I can feel mine behind the camera. I think anyone can see the silken lines that connect those 3…4. Behind them stand other friends. Ones I have loved differently, more like balls on a pool table at a comedy club. We need that all. Life and friends cant entirely be slender connections revealed by the sun slanting just so. Even if they take center stage in the photo.

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