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December 20, 2011

Road Trip.

Tonight (which starts at 4:18 because we live in Vermont and it is almost the Soltice) is the first night of Hannukah and the beginning of our trek to Michigan for the holidays. For a variety of reasons ($, flexibility, no really good travel alternatives) we are driving. DRIVING. Until I met Steve the longest road trip I had ever taken was 6 hours. Evidently midwesterners will drive 6 hours for a club hockey game. People from Boston, however will fly to the Cape. (12 minutes in air, 2 hours at Logan, Read more […]

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December 16, 2011

My very favorite ….. of 2011

A list of some of the things that I use a lot. Web app- Hootsuite Makes it possible to tweet, post to Facebook, linked in etc IN ADVANCE so I can batch that work. Entertainment thing-y- Tivo Makes it possible for me to stay sane. Seriously probably my favorite thing on earth. THING. I said THING. Restaurant- Bluebird Tavern, I Love Sue, the food, the drinks, and that my lazy ass can walk from my parking lot. iPhone app- words with friends. I suck, you will beat me, but I will not quit it. Humor Read more […]

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December 15, 2011

Why I’m a jackass- even if my mom thinks I’m not.

Between living in a small town, having once owned a popular bar, and being the sort of person that makes a decade long friendship out of every cabshare I know a lot of people. Over the past 15 years I have made many matches. Finding people homes, jobs, friends, spouses. I am a broad spectrum yenta. I tell myself that I do this because I appreciate the win win. If someone needs something, and I can help them, why wouldn’t I? And still. I notice that I want credit. Steve and I had our holiday party Read more […]

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December 13, 2011

Best of the best

It troubles me when people modify the word unique.  “It is very unique.” Really? Is it? Somehow that phrase instantly makes me doubt the one-of-a-kind-ness of whatever it is the speaker is referencing. We don’t really need to accentuate “uniqueness.” If it is one of a kind, it is one of a kind. Despite the above image there are not 9 of those rocks. That is 9 shots of one rock. He has a name. He is “The honorable Old Man.” Liu Don, a major Chinese painter has painted him ten times for the Boston Read more […]

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December 6, 2011

Droid’s all the Rage

It is no secret that I am an apple fiend. Launching Marble Jar for the android marketplace today did not turn me around. The application process was relatively simple, but it lacked the elegance of apples drag and drop screen shot tool. Most frustrating was the lack of time they spent on developer user experience. I could navigate between input areas, erasing changes in one when finalizing the other. The big excitement that there was no approval process was lessened by the fact that I had coordinated Read more […]

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November 30, 2011

Toilet training and sleep training in the rear view mirror

When I was seven months pregnant with my first son my straight talking OB responded to my umpteenth question about light cramping with: “I think its time to stop worrying about the pregnancy and start worrying about the baby.” We worry, research, learn, and practice the stage we are in right now. But with parenting, and maybe other things, it is the next stage that offers the challenges. Birth Plan Don’t even get me started about the “birth plan” the document that parents to be create to help Read more […]

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November 29, 2011

I don’t wannna: my day of not a thing.

Pretty much every blog post I write could really be titled I don’t wanna. At least it seems that way today. It is 64 degrees at the end of November in Vermont and everything is feeling a bit stale to me. I’m excited to be checking out the new location of Bluebird Tavern this evening with the family. Or, I know that in an “I wanna” day I would be excited. So I say I am excited and then maybe I will feel it. The luxury of my life is that if I don’t wanna I don’t have to. I signed my 5 year old up Read more […]

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November 15, 2011

Never gets old…

  It’s a good thing that the first Parenting on Track pitch I heard wasn’t “its based on love.” My love was never really the question…my boys’ survival to their teen years was.  A friend told me aboutVicki’s class, and when I visited the Parenting on Track website I was promised that I could stop nagging and being a sherpa. (Right on!) Arriving at class Vicki clapped as she followed us to our seats in a no holds barred display of what we do with our praise addicted kids…”oh good for Read more […]

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November 10, 2011

Happy Happy Full Life

Mistaken beliefs. Evidently a phrase that is important for Adlerian psychology. Values. A word that is important to most of us. A value may be something you will go to the mat for. A mistaken belief may take you to the mat on its own. Figuring out how beliefs and values shape our behavior takes observation and time. This is what we are working on this week for Parenting on Track Class. When I ask myself about my core parenting values I come up with words like collaboration, acceptance, curiosity, Read more […]

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November 2, 2011


    Well thanks Babble! Such great company. Shazaam, Epicurious, Tweet deck, Amazon. Most of the apps I already have… but I will be downloading weave, the FREE project management app as soon as I hit publish on this post. Let me know which apps on the list you already love, and which you can’t wait to try…   Read more […]

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