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October 31, 2011

I don’t do Proprietary.

Or close to the vest. At least not for my own stuff. In 15 minutes I am meeting a friend about a business he will be launching in a few weeks to give him feedback, and I will keep that on the DL. I mean, I am not the best at secrets, but I will not spill his beans. This morning I had a great 2 hour meeting with a friend (now business partner) about a project that is in its INFANCY. So young that it is logo-less, owns a single numbers spreadsheet, and not ONE of you has been requested to LIKE its Read more […]

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October 26, 2011

The (not so) secret side.

The push and pull of creating solutions for global markets while still staying rooted to a state like Vermont with emerging financial and technological resources  is not a new story. It is the (not so) secret side of doing business in a small community, great support and exposure, which often leads you scrambling for the local resources to support your growth. One of the main features of Seven Days’ technology issue highlighted Draker Laboratories, a privately held Burlington Vermont Company. Read more […]

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October 11, 2011

The Hard Way

Laying in bed the other night I thought wistfully to myself…”self, if I could know ONE THING on this earth it would be Ruby.” I took a second. “Really self? Ruby?” “Pretty sure”, returned self. The next morning appsumo sent out a “learn Ruby for $74 dollars in ten easy steps” special. Obviously the “ten easy steps” was marketing crap. But the $74 seemed like something I could stomach.  I never really thought I would learn the language and program things, but even if I just became fluent enough Read more […]

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October 10, 2011

Is in the way you look at things

When the Mugar Omni Theatre opened at the Boston Science Museum I was school aged. We had annual treks to the museum to see the large tyrannosaur model, Appolo something capsule, and enormous incubator of super fluffy yellow chicks. Those field trips went from pretty fun to thrilling when the theatre was built. Leonard Nimoy narrated the opening segment which showed off the armature of the dome that was behind the screen through dramatic backlighting. Then the THX sound system counted out its speakers, Read more […]

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October 6, 2011

Yet another Steve Jobs Eulogy

 56 is too young. And. He left us a legacy of elegant hardware. His focus allowed us to do more with one click or swipe than we could imagine. In fact we couldn’t even imagine clicking and swiping. People disappointed with the iPhone 4S announcement on the day of his death will probably look back 15 years from now to realize that he revolutionized the human/device interaction again with the voice assistant. One incredible outcome of Steve’s hardware innovations is the virtual playground called Read more […]

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October 4, 2011


So Leo, Mr. independent, has been packing imaginary and real lunches since he was 18 months old. Inspired by the “if they can walk they can work” motto of Parenting On Track, we put it to him and he thrives. When he struggles we inform, support and step back and watch. Sometimes a “hmmm” as a response to a query reveals that he knew the answer to his own question. This method does occasionally leave him floundering, but that insult is quickly replaced with a sense of his own ability. Our Read more […]

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October 3, 2011


I’m sitting at my lovely round claw foot table (second to tubs in my claw foot love but only just) surrounded by evidence of my procrastination. Prompted by a note from my CPA (you can’t put it off any longer, I need the answers to 2010 tax questions NOW, and did you see that Patriots game last night?) I have spread win win, household, home sale paperwork, insurance stuff, and more heart palpitation causing stuff to the far edges. I am helped by Emmy who bats the pen to the ground, walks over the Read more […]

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September 28, 2011

Life is Beauty Full

My father spent his life creating and debating beauty. When most people talked about their days at dinner we spent our meal disdaining “pretty”. Whatever that means. Pretty things start from their surface. Beautiful things are messy, chaotic, functional, natural, challenging. A Monet is pretty, a gnarled root system is beautiful. I did not inherit his ability to make people out of trees, or mold a block of clay into a replica of my child’s face. However, I did inherit his judgement for better Read more […]

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