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December 17, 2015

Down on my knees

There are a few good reasons to be down on one’s knees. Scrubbing buffalo sauce off of a sheep skin rug is not one of them. Four years ago I got a sheepskin from a family/friends farm. It was a particularly Vermont moment when they unpacked their maple syrup, sheepskin, and side dishes from their woven baskets. This gift exchange was during the heart of our local eating, when the kids still called their beef Marilyn after the first cow we dined on. I felt a literal and figurative warmth for the Read more […]

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December 14, 2015

Ten things I learned on my week off

What do you get when you combine a minor (don’t tell Steve) surgery, a pinched nerve, and a sick kid? Two working adult arms and zero adult working days. Sometimes a week away from life can teach us some very important things. Oxycodone makes you itchy. If you ever want to see your husband act like an ape just slip him an opiate. It’s pretty funny. It was a live action version of The Itchy and Scratchy Show. Which was even more funny because he had a Simpsons marathon on in the background as Read more […]

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December 7, 2015

Better early than sorry- Raising a kid who is always early

I hear the door slam and check the clock: 7:55 am.  I better prepare myself for another email from school. One of the downsides of letting my kids navigate their own morning routine is that I have to witness the consequences of how they keep their schedule. It is hard to count how many emails I have gotten from school about Oliver’s arrival time. First they were broad and kind, then slightly more specific, and now they are particularly pointed. Argh. Frankly 7:55 is an improvement. It Read more […]

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December 4, 2015

Stop right there- setting aside road rage

A few seconds after I back tentatively down my steep, icy driveway (I moved here to get away from ice) and avoid the hazards of elementary children and their distracted parents at drop off I let out a big sigh. Once again no fatalities. A good omen. I slowed to whatever is less than a crawl but still technically moving as the elderly couple took their morning restorative. As I did this a woman blew though a stop sign on a side street and sped past them. By “blew through” and “sped past” I mean Read more […]

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December 1, 2015

Ten (thousand) things depression and pain have in common

For six weeks I have had a pain in the neck. As distinct from other times in my life when I have been a pain in the neck this discomfort is inflicted on me…not by me. I have some sort of cervical impingement on a nerve and also, either through coincidence or dark magic, I have radial nerve involvement. Which means that for the last 60,480 minutes I have been in pain.  This pain ranges from moderate to childbirth transition bad or 4-400,000 on the pain scale. If I were in the hospital and were Read more […]

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November 26, 2015


Happy holiday party people! That might actually be the first exclamation point ever on my blog. I hope you can feel the cheer and good wishes behind it…because my pointer finger and I had a heated debate over whether or not that key actually works. This is the first year Steve and I have not hosted or co-hosted the big meal, and like my favorite character in Real Genius I am both happy and sad for us. That said there was more time than ever for the pie fecta. Some traditions never die. I’m Read more […]

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November 23, 2015

Time OutI

I’d like to say that the reason I have slowed down on the blog is because we are on vacation. Which we are. See those birds. They are scurrying along as quickly as their little legs can carry them on Anna Maria Island. We have been busy not being busy at the Ringling Museum, eating ice cream, and having the age old argument- Beach. NO. Pool. NO. How about both. OK. Instead I have been busy writing…but not really for you guys. Or for me. We can argue (and I might) that any writing is good for Read more […]

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November 16, 2015


One of my favorite bloggers moved to Denver. It didn’t take much stalking for us to make a coffee date. The day after I met her at my office local coffee shop I had a major spill. A week and a sinus infection/stomach bug/pinched nerve later we got together again. Inspired by her blog tagline “Some mistakes are too good not to share” I told her what I am going to tell you. Almost every day I meet my cousin and we share a two top. We squeeze our laptops on a small space and line them with phones Read more […]

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November 12, 2015

Phone Phobic 2

While I write 30 posts in 45 days I need some help to keep my own blog going. So I will help myself. I am going to pull posts from my archives, edit them, and let you enjoy them all over again. This one was from September 2013. As a kid I ran full speed into the kitchen wall trying to be the first to answer its shrill ring. Why I raced I don’t know as my mother moved at regular speed and my father moved away from that beastus interruptus at least as quickly as I moved towards it. It was Read more […]

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