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April 28, 2016

Tiny transgressions that erode an excellent marriage

couple beyond transgressions

Maintaining a happy marriage requires communication, team work, flexibility…in the bedroom and in the world outside of it. This post is about none of that. It is about the little things. The tiny transgressions that work so slowly to undermine the foundation of your marriage that you don’t even know that they are eroding things. If you look out for these little things you might just avoid the way the upset can upset your relationship. When you choose share your life, bed, car, and dishwasher Read more […]

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April 25, 2016

A subtraction to celebrate- the math of divorce.


In a world of mindfulness and gratitude we are mistaken to ignore the strength that it takes to take away. Sometimes things can’t be fixed by meditation and a green juice. The simple problem of parents plus kids equals a happy family might not last past first grade math.  A life of addition can easily change to one of subtraction. For some it leads to divorce for better and for worse. I went out this weekend to celebrate a friend who has come out the other side of a divorce. At 24 years Read more […]

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April 20, 2016

Three tools to bring your sexlife to its peak

The very best vibrator for your sexlife

My husband and I have a lot of sex. Better than that we have a lot of great sex.  In the past month we made three purchases that improved an already good thing. Here comes the affiliate link disclaimer. There are no links. I am not getting paid. Except in the odd knowledge that I might be adding to your personal pleasure in the future. Coconut oil. This is not a new tip from me. Its great on furniture and penises. It is smooth and delicious in stir fries and vaginas. There is no need to choose…we Read more […]

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April 18, 2016

Always Hungry- new tricks to fill up.

Always Hungry breakfast

This morning I am motivated by the women I spent the weekend with, the man I spend my life with, and me. The path to feeling full seems navigable. I am ready to give it a go. In eight weeks I hope that I can practice child’s pose and feel repose instead of my belly. I want to walk uphill without it feeling like I am carrying Sisyphus’ rock. I know that hunger comes from more than an empty belly. I will not always be hungry

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April 11, 2016

The amazing Street Art of Italy

Bike street art in Florence

There is no question I loved seeing David. I even got a butt shot. After gelato and wine, crusty columns and Sistine ceilings the butt shot was the theme of my Italy trip. Not quite in a literal way.  As we strolled the Roman forum and were herded IKEA like through the Vatican Museum I was noticing the little acts of expression that added their visual voice to history. If the Ufizzi is the full frontal art scene of Florence, the graffiti in the corner is the butt shot. And I like butts. The street Read more […]

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April 8, 2016

I can’t quite get my arms around it- what fat feels like

  My 25th High School Reunion looms. 1991 was the last time I loved my body unequivocally. Despite my Doc Martins I walked the halls with a light step. I let vintage silver charms dip into my perky cleavage. I could hike in Cat Rock Park with my smoker friends, and even if I had taken a drag I wouldn’t have dragged ass back uphill to campus with unde-roxygenated lungs. The only time in high school that I carried an extra 65 pounds was during winter camping trips. Then I could sit at the Read more […]

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April 7, 2016

What Every Parent in Denver should do the minute they finish their taxes.

It all started with a snowsuit. I had worked through the 1,799 of the 1,800 steps necessary to leave the house with a six month old and a two year old. The baby and I were bundled (and roasting) in our mudroom. The two year old was a puddle of himself on the heated floor. His cheeks were red from screaming and writhing. I was calculating how late we would be to our appointment my blood pressure rising with each growing minute and decibel. Back home after a frantic doctors appointment and an Read more […]

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April 2, 2016

Nine Ways Lazy Parenting Helps Grow Great Grown ups

Helicopter Parenting. Free Range Parenting. Sharenting. The names go on and on. We all reap rewards and pay the price for whichever philosophy we adopt. What happens when we don’t adopt a philosophy at all? What happens to our kids if we cross the line from laissez-faire to downright lazy? Let’s take a look… 1. Outerwear – My son rushed out the door to school juggling his backpack, sneakers, and water bottle. What was missing? His coat. It was 5 degrees. Did I run after him? No. I sat Read more […]

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