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June 8, 2016


I’m taking a month off. I’ll be traveling with the family and working (I hope) on a longer project. If anything truly outrageous occurs I will likely post here…because if I don’t bitch about it online I might have just imagined it. Happy June     Read more […]

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June 7, 2016

Flash mob flash point

“I’m going to have a miserable day.” He throws his words at me like a threat. Their impact is somewhat lessened by the fact that he is zipping himself into a full body suit of smurf-like blue fleece. It is the last day of school and he is beginning his end in tears just like he has done in the past. Last night I made a medium sized parenting mis-step. We were home, snuggling in bed a bit after bedtime, and he began silently crying. This kind of cry is not whined or screamed, it doesn’t have Read more […]

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June 2, 2016

You married the wrong person. Now what?

By now you have all read (or ignored) Alain De Botton’s (ADB’s- if I can call him that) NYTimes opinion piece…”Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person.” If you chose to ignore it you should read it. This is not my first blog post. I know that very few of you clicked that link, so I will boil down De Botton’s beautifully reasoned piece with less lyricism and more lyrics. Fields of Gold. People used to marry to get more fields (or gold, or titles or whatever.) That was the marriage of reason. More Read more […]

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