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I temporarily misplaced my laptop charger sometime between Monday and Tuesday. I remained so convinced that I would find it that I didn’t replace it until this morning. This led to a very strange work week.

I suffered from cord envy

On instagram I came across a compelling image of a laptop, a sparkling glass of wine, and a beautiful bowl of clementines and all I could focus on was the tiny curl of tempting white cord. It looked so life giving and present. At meetings, while being complimented on my “new” iPad (not new, just not usually a meeting attendee) I instead wished myself to be one of those juggling messenger bags with cord placements, and scraping large restaurant tables away from hidden outlets. Ah, the outlet search. I was no longer a member of the juicing circuit. That iPad could hold its charge all day. No problem. Despite that perk.

I still can’t get behind the iPad as a work device.

Best toy ever? Yes.

Something I can use to monitor social media? Meh.

A tool to create spreadsheets, analyze real data, even write this blog post? No way.

To try to combat this problem I invested (time and or $) in even more “work like” apps. I already view and do minor edits on docs generated by Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. I added Dropbox, mindmeister, Blogsy, and Keynotopia. If anyone can tell me that I didn’t waste my money (or time) I would be thrilled to integrate your reasoning into my rationalization.

Public Service

During my Anna, Unplugged phase I also decided and undecided to run for office. I met with some town officials, attended a school budget meeting, printed out the necessary signature sheets, and picked the brains of a few friends behind much loftier political campaigns than my fantasy Shelburne Select Board campaign…what a freaking roller coaster. Pointing towards running was the 100% male conservative makeup of the select board, my desire to volunteer my time to improve Shelburne, and that lovely woman who stopped in the hall of the community school to tell me she enjoyed my points at a previous budget meetings and thought I should be on the select board. Pointing away from running was the short time left to campaign, the fact that I had just “tuned in” and couldn’t draw on a deep knowledge of how the board operated, and not wanting to alienate those conservative yes, but actually really lovely men on the board. Shelburne (and maybe many small towns) has a history of having uncontested races for select board seats. Does that make for the best representation, perhaps not, but it makes for the best town parades and picnics. So not going to run. Forgive me nice lady in the SCS hallway to whom I represented that I would run. I have changed my mind. Perhaps this ability to flip flop might be my highest qualification for office. Heres to 2013.

From Google Reader to actual Reader

Without the niggling pressure of the google reader and the 152 RSS feeds which I drown in subscribe to, I had to find something else to read. Actually, I found this something else because our great local mac store (from which I bought the laptop cord, to which I am now plugged in) doesn’t open until 10 am. Don’t they know that we need juice? Despite KNOWING that they didn’t open until 10 I spent from 9am-9:59 in their parking lot. Which is shared by a Barnes and Noble. Which I entered for the first time in years. Did you know they sell Legos there? And they have a Nook center. That cracked me up. Sort of a store within a store taking up prime real estate, and given a wide berth by shoppers. Anyways. I bought this book.

And you should too. Then we can talk about it. And start fixing the world.


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