Calendar Oddities

I wrote this on January 18th. I never posted it. I haven’t written anything since. Perhaps posting this old thing will get me back on track.

Calendar Oddities:

I seem to have a brain blank about today being the 18th (this is where the disclaimer helps). To my grey matter tomorrow is the 18th, although my cell phone knows that today is the day.

Is it a problem that I trust my iPhone over me?

Driving into work I asked me why today shouldn’t be the 18th. I answered with the double illogic that is usually reserved for my dream state. “because even days should be on even days.” What? Well duh. “The 18th should be on a thursday, an EVEN day” (remember this post was written on Wednesday, to add a layer of confusion to the double illogic.)

Ya know:

M,W,F 1,3,5 = odd

Tu, Th  2,4 = even.

And what about the weekend? “Neither.” Those don’t have numbers.


I have long known that I view the year like this:

The way I see the year

Where I am climbing an ever thinner ladder through the fall, then hopping a chasm and tumbling through linger and wider months until I hit summer which has no monthly differentiation. I guess that this started with school, and was reinforced by hours of light in the day. So that’s my year.

When I am making plans, or learning someone’s birthday the chute/ladder month will light up in my mental calendar. Unless you name a summer month and then I go a bit fuzzy. Sort of a dim low glow.

When I found out that Oliver’s school started in August it upset me.

So this month thing is old news. But even days are new.

Do any of you have calendar oddities? Or am I the oddest of all?

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