Now you can live in the very house that has hosted this blog.

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Some of our highlights:
•making smores in the kitchen fireplace
•building a bridge over the creek
•the boys washing each others’ backs during full family showers (tmi? too bad)
•a mudroom that swallows instead of spits
•puzzles in the late afternoon sunlight
•late dinners on the screened in porch
•jumping off of the stairs
•a mid winter neighborhood store where neighbors actually trudge through the snow to buy things
•building forts in the basement
•learning to play pool in the basement
•sampling beer from three separate beverage fridges
•sitting at the table long enough for the candles to burn down
•jumping around the furniture without touching the floor
•crafting signs for clubs
•watching for the bus in the window seat
•listening to frogs in the pond
•catching frogs in the pond
•golfing in the front yard
•spraying ourselves in the face trying to figure out the bidet
•actually enjoying the song of the washer and dryer completing their cycles.
•watching the sunset over the woods
•walking to town through the woods

And the flipside:
•using the kitchen fireplace at the same time as the indoor grill, having the hood suck the smoke into the room and set off the smoke detectors
•falling through the bridge over the creek
•two slippery boys shoving each other into the glass door during family showers
•I cant think of a downside to the mudroom
•late afternoon sunlight interfering with the screen in the living room
•wondering why I can dim the lights in the screened porch but not the dining room. Easy fix, but still.
•feeling panicked about Leo breaking himself jumping off of the stairs
•Having the kids try to charge us to buy our groceries back.
•Having the cats pee all over the basement
•Pool balls ricocheting every which way, including into a box of breakable items
•Hearing the sad beep of the beverage fridge as its door has been left open for the umpteenth time by a small person living in our house.
•Actually almost lighting the house on fire letting the candles burn down.
•That inevitable bedtime burst of energy from the boys as they almost literally climb the walls shrieking just when the grownups are done parenting for the day.
•Stepping over signs for clubs that have been sitting on the garage floor for months
•missing the school bus…despite a clear view of it driving by.
•Being kept awake by the frogs through the open bedroom window
•Having to convince a six year old that a frog would not fare well as a pet in a house with cats
•Wondering if there is something wrong with you that you cant really figure out the point of the bidet. I mean, its the worst part of the shower and almost as much work.
•Doing so much laundry that you find yourself singing the washer dryer song.
•Watching the sunset at 4:00 for so much of the year.
•Being eaten alive by bugs when you try to walk in the woods in the “spring”

Its hard not to feel an attachment to this house. Our family has been our family here. The highlights are so bright that the flipsides hide in their shadows. Just like the toys and clothes we give away to help us move more lightly we tell ourselves that someone else will love it here. It is hard to imagine the sights and sounds and smells of a new home. I bet there will be fewer frogs.

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