Cat sleeping with One eye open Looks dead

October 19, 2015

Denver, CO

In what has become her signature move the 17 year old cat known as “Lucy” is again asleep with her eye open.

While her family gathers around to wait for the breath to signal that she is not dead they recount other more active times.

“There was that one day where she slept on the bed and BOTH couches” remembers Leo, the younger son, with wistful pleasure.

“I always know she is alive when she is hacking up her dinner on the rug” the less sentimental older brother replies.

The hacking sound, as well as sneezing, coughing, purring and yowling are all sure signs of life confirm Dr. Dan from Belcaro Animal hospital where Lucy has been a patient for the past year.

When asked about her new habit of open-eyed sleeping the cat refused to comment, choosing instead to remain a motionless ball with an open eye that might or might not be making contact with the person overhead.

“It takes a lot more to make her move now that she is 100% deaf” adds Steve, her original owner. “I used to be able to snap my fingers behind her ears and whether she was asleep or awake she would give a sort of jolt, and then I would know she was alive.”

“Those were good times” He added fondly.


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