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October 10, 2013

Take it from me.

I am so sick of my negative self. I mean, just look at that opening sentence. Which part of it is positive, or forward thing, or useful in any way at all? None part. Not one part. I am going to rant away right here. As much as I can think of. Then starting tomorrow I will look for bright spots again. I’m assuming this is the VERY worst day of the med switch. I am off of the theraputic dose of zoloft and not yet up to the theraputic (how do you spell theraputic?) dose of the new medicine Read more […]

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October 1, 2013

Fuzz off

An Angela and Anna exchange. What is this? Look here. Anna asks: Dear Angela, I wrote this whole long post today about my weekend. And I was fine for the weekend. Really. Not up or down, not too distant or too scope creepy. But now I have just floated away. And the only post I could write was one that recounted things without adding any depth or texture. Those features are gone. Its like I am visiting my own life. Oliver learned to text on his “phone” which is an old iPhone Read more […]

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September 19, 2013

Such A Pill

Angela Arsenault. She called me one day and said that her shower vision was that the two of us would write a book. I myself rarely have shower vision because I am rushing through it so quickly to get it over with. I have walking vision, car passenger vision, and fuck I wish I were sleeping vision. Nonetheless, I was excited to be part of her shower vision even if it had to do with writing. a. book. In addition to being a good friend she is an incredible (and real) writer. Like, people pay Read more […]

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