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March 17, 2016

Comment Chameleon

Here is the secret no one tells you about blogging. Logo, platform, hosting, brilliance, spelling…those are just the beginning. Writing? That is only the FREAKING middle. Getting your words out on the page doesn’t help you get the word out. You know what does? Reading. Commenting. Sharing. Reading. Sharing. Commenting. E. T. C. It can be tedious. It is certainly time consuming. But every once in a while it is terrific. I’ve gathered a few of the comments I have left on other blogs this week. Read more […]

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March 16, 2016

What a long strange trip it’s been.

There is a fair chance that not a single one of you will weave through the trip I have below. It is my trip. But it is also my blog. There are times when I think I am writing about something personal and it seems to resonate with you…so I invite you to join me in the journey I took between 4pm and 2am yesterday/today. At 4pm I watched Tim Urban’s TED talk. For those of you who don’t know or read the blog Wait But Why I offer you the gift insight, humor, and research in the form of that Read more […]

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January 28, 2016

Totally off limits

I often think I have no filter. There was the time I told my two year old about Hitler and he decided not to be Jewish. There was that other time I told my friend that her outfit wasn’t flattering and had six months of misery trying to sort that out. I wrote about my semi step father’s toe nails and almost alienated him. Whoops I might have done it again. I talk about money and sex. I told a friend about her boyfriend cheating and almost wiped out a 5 year relationship. The list goes on. There Read more […]

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January 5, 2016

Top Six Ways We Annoy Ourselves and How to Change

We care about whether or not we have clickable headlines. See above.  The mantra for building a following seems to start with great content, move on to clickable headlines and finish with sharable graphics. For years I have focused on the content. Every once in a while I put up a shitty list (ahem) and those get shared. Yet the posts where I leave a little bit of myself on the page are beloved only by my mother. We let our vegetables rot in the fridge. Even the local, organic, expensive life Read more […]

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September 15, 2015

Present Tense

There are times I feel younger than my age because of weird enthusiasms. Like when I lean in with glee to hear about a friends sexual interludes, or when I joke about nutsacks with my kids, and obviously when I pretend the pool cue is a tail and trot oddly around the game room. Then there are times when I feel about 16 for more sickly reasons. I measure up my outfits against other moms at school pick up, I force myself to stay late at a party for fear I will miss something, and when I rebel Read more […]

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August 12, 2014

Giving In to Depression

giving in- thinking about suicide and depression

So after battling, sometimes people give in. They have passed the point where they can turn things around on their own. Their intense love for their children is buried under heaps of misery so thick they can barely speak their own name. Whatever energy they have is used to put on a public face, pretend to be functional for the people around them, and is not towards shining a light of reason into the blackness of depression.

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April 28, 2014


I woke up today, our last vacation day, without an agenda. At dinner last night I was worried that Oliver would be running us around when his newly freckled face wrinkled and said he didn’t want out last day on the island to be a LAZY day. “What would you like to do?” Steve and I asked him. Steve would be working so his question was amused, while mine held a bit of anxiety imagining drives to 90 degree mini golf courses and trips off island to visit his one Florida friend. “Well, we should Read more […]

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March 11, 2014


I didn’t address this yesterday but it was clear to many of you that I broke my streak of posting at 58. The first day I didn’t write I didn’t even realize it. I flew to Denver, drove around to see houses, had dinner with a friend and collapsed into bed without giving blogging a thought. If that had been it I would probably ask for a mulligan and just extend my goal by a single day. However I chose not the write the next day. It felt just like that cheat day on a diet. You start with a small Read more […]

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February 21, 2014


Here is a comment that I received on Wednesday’s  post. Submitted on 2014/02/20 at 10:26 am God your life is envious. Traveling, take out, days at home. Get a job lady. Its probably the 20th time I’ve gotten a version of this. Some of them have sported better grammar. Some more loathing. All are anonymous. Here, in no particular order are the thoughts that flash through my brain when I get that comment: A job isn’t what I am seeking. The word job sounds grind-y, neither Read more […]

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