Heading to DC to speak at a certain conference. Guess which one? In solidarity with the  bloggers who will be there I am going to try my very hardest to post every weekday between now and then.

This means two things

  • I will have more content with lower quality (makes me feel so American)
  • I will expect you to give me a hard time if I don’t stick to it. So this is a reader participation kind of thing, yo.


My early adopter  ways do not seem to be limited to technology. (That 3-d tv DOES have a super crisp picture despite the fact that VT has zero 3D channels.) When Oliver put on shorts and a t shirt with vest in hand, and Leo had long sleeves and jeans (no socks as a nod to September status) I decided that cords, a long sleeve shirt, a turtleneck wool sweater AND a down vest was the best choice for this morning.  I tend to pick my clothes based neither on forcast, nor current temp, but rather what I think OUGHT to work for the day. There was a crisp goldness to the view out the closed window that screamed sweater weather to me.

And sweat-er I did.

Standing in the school halls after drop-off chatting with a friend (whose 4 year old daughter sweetly perched on her hip without a peep, gender stereotypes be confirmed) I removed the vest first and began picking at my sweat-er neck more and more furiosly. Finally the conversation derailed completely to note my apparent desire to adopt both winter and menopause early.

As a side note to the side note I think overheating might be third in the long list of things that make me impatient and grumpy. Here is a draft list:

  1. Low blood sugar.
  2. Dog hair on everything (although that may be a sympton not a cause)
  3. Wool plus down on sunny 75 degree day.
  4. Religious services in languages I don’t understand.
  5. Hockey. (sorry babe)