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November 9, 2013

Piss off

His sad grey face is pressed against the bottom pane of the window. It is not quite a meow. More like a bark, croak, yowl. Banished. He doesn’t know that peeing in my face was the last straw. But it was. One of the boys’ favorite stories is from Oliver’s babyhood. Steve was changing his diaper, grabbed his legs together roasted chicken style and bent Oliver’s legs over his face. Steve was a fastidious diaper changer and he ignored the squalking squirming baby as he prepped the diaper just Read more […]

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September 24, 2013

Hello my name is Simon

He doesn’t do drawings. In fact during the day he doesn’t do much of anything at all. All rules of physics say that at some point he moves from nap spot to nap spot but I don’t see it happen. He is in the grey chair, no the green chair, on the pillow on the floor, back to the grey chair, now he is between our pillows. During these “naps” he lets us know he is still alive (despite the odds) by snoring, snorting and starting with the sound level of a 70 year old football fan in his lounger. Which Read more […]

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