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February 8, 2018

Wenis and Wagina

It’s sad times when the mention of the word balls doesn’t make Leo snicker. Fret not, we still have plenty of sophomoric humor at the dinner table. This time however, it is the boys that are schooling us. Steve is holding his Exploding Kittens cards close to his chest, the only one in the family that follows card etiquette (or really any etiquette at all.) Leo can’t let this be. He slides closer on the carefully sanded cherry bench and Steve thows a block with his elbow. Leo reaches out and Read more […]

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December 6, 2016

No more f’ing stuff. Holiday shopping for kids who have what they need

If your house is like mine you navigate a Lego minefield and dine amongst art supplies. You sniff stuffed animals for cat pee, refold unworn sweaters and search fruitlessly for the dice of a thousand board games. We don’t need any more stuff. Yet the season of giving is steamrolling towards us. Our house features both eight nights of Hannukah and a visit from Santa. This means we are overcome with 9 days of wrapping paper and stuff to store and ignore. This year things are going to be different. With Read more […]

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September 26, 2016

Five Fabulous Family Games you can play in Fifteen Minutes.

Every Wednesday we sit down for family game night. If you are like me the very phrase causes you to break out in a cold sweat. It will start out all fun and, well, games. It will inevitable evolve into catatonic boredom or shrieking accusations of cheating. If we are lucky it can be both of the above. Happily we are finally past the life stage where we play the game of Life, that endless game with no strategy. We are not yet ready for full on gambling although we have begun the process of Read more […]

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May 19, 2016

Choking…up. The highs and lows of parenting

Choking up with sadness

It is once again game night. Steve is back in Baltimore visiting his second family working so I have called in reinforcements. Our neighbors gather around the table with us to play Apples to Apples Junior. After several years of using Sharpies to customize cards the game has a decidedly less “junior” feel. There are about 5 cards that read “my balls” but lately the ante has been upped and there are “hairy balls” “big bald balls” and “your neighbor’s balls.” This one was particularly awkward with Read more […]

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March 12, 2016

What you can learn from a loud group of fifth graders.

My husband is away in Baltimore. He goes there quarterly and we joke about his second family. Does this wife cook for him? Do those kids listen? I am pretty sure he sits in generic conference rooms and tries to move along a project between one part of the government and another, captain of a ship whose movement has to be measured miles per month rather than miles per hour. Left behind I order pizza and have to coach the fifth grade Destination Imagination team. DI, ostensibly, is team building, Read more […]

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August 27, 2015


Have you ever stood at a curb and considered the single step it would take to put yourself in front of the Staples Truck that is barreling past you? No? Me neither. Except this morning. But obviously I didn’t do it.  And it wasn’t for the sadness and endingness of it all that I considered taking that step. It was for the novelty. I am not a fun mom. I can be fun-ny, but physical humor and play have pretty much been out of my repertoire for as long as I can remember. Walking to the sundial Read more […]

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April 8, 2015

I’m all thumbs.

Thumbs on map

Walking past the door to the TV room/guest room/playroom I hear Leo tell someone that he has two brothers. He is on Skype so the person on the other line doesn’t have any reason to question him. This anonymous player will never meet Leo’s brothers, real or imagined. I wonder briefly why someone who often laments the existence of an actual brother would create a second, but I don’t linger physically or mentally to figure it out. I need to get back to Oliver. Wednesday is game night. I would Read more […]

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January 21, 2014

rules of the game

A bit of family trivia. My father’s parents were really good at bridge. Julius was president of the world bridge association and one of the main prizes in the wide world of bridge is called the Rosenblum Cup. Pause for research. Turns out it is a tournament and not so incredibly important. But it goes on today in New Orleans where my father grew up and got kicked out of school. I always imagined I would play cards. I spent so much time that it should have been my major in college. My roomate Read more […]

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January 4, 2014

Stranger in the house

Leo runs to grab some more apple slice and calls out over his shoulder “be back in a second.” Steve and I are in the kitchen. Oliver is upstairs. He is speaking ostensibly to no one. Or everyone. In fact it is someone with whom he is playing Minecraft. From Germany. On Skype. Earlier this afternoon I was un trimming the christmas tree when I sneezed. My cute sneezes have morphed into something that would wake the deaf, sleeping, dead. Its those boys. They have big heads. If you don’t follow Read more […]

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December 13, 2013

Twist tied

I imagined twist ties, Velcro, double stick tape. At some point during the job Steve talked about bringing in the chainsaw. For 6 years across three homes the computer cords have driven me crazy. I’ve asked him to tape them up, wondered why the engineer who packs the car”just so” for a 45 minute car ride can leave these danglers like so many steamers from New Year’s Eve 1999. We have what I imagined to be a minimalist set up. Clean looking Mac on a Paul McCobb table from the 1960s. Slowly Read more […]

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