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March 21, 2016

What can go wrong….(moaning about Monday)

Shall. On a Monday. I am not a Monday hater. I see grumpy cat memes and listen to pop songs lamenting another school week and I shrug. At least I used to shrug when I could move my shoulders. Now I just mentally shrug and on good days lets add a knowing chuckle where I am both “with you” and “above you” Monday moaners. Steve steps it up even more and walks around with a Weekends are Overrated t -shirt on…issuing a challenge to the undercaffeinated. Now that he works from home I am the only Read more […]

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December 14, 2015

Ten things I learned on my week off

What do you get when you combine a minor (don’t tell Steve) surgery, a pinched nerve, and a sick kid? Two working adult arms and zero adult working days. Sometimes a week away from life can teach us some very important things. Oxycodone makes you itchy. If you ever want to see your husband act like an ape just slip him an opiate. It’s pretty funny. It was a live action version of The Itchy and Scratchy Show. Which was even more funny because he had a Simpsons marathon on in the background as Read more […]

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December 4, 2015

Stop right there- setting aside road rage

A few seconds after I back tentatively down my steep, icy driveway (I moved here to get away from ice) and avoid the hazards of elementary children and their distracted parents at drop off I let out a big sigh. Once again no fatalities. A good omen. I slowed to whatever is less than a crawl but still technically moving as the elderly couple took their morning restorative. As I did this a woman blew though a stop sign on a side street and sped past them. By “blew through” and “sped past” I mean Read more […]

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January 24, 2014

We are all cheats and thiefs

Talking with some developers the other day I gave them shit for choosing not to pay for apps that they liked and used. In my reasoning they, more than anyone else, could understand that software is not fee. It takes time, sometimes lots, racks up hosting fees, and often has the legal, accounting, and design work associated with four square wall businesses. I wondered about the double standard. To these two there was no double standard at all. If we build something that has a back door, or a way Read more […]

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January 12, 2014


Are cats liberal? Everything about this is what I would expect. Except that liking cats is more liberal than liking dogs. Even my liberalism has an A- grade to it. If you want to play here is the link. It is a super short quiz developed by time magazine. The intro makes it sound as if your pet and browser choices will be the predictors. A bit of an overstatement as they ask questions about your personal politics that I imagine the algorithm weighs more highly than your loathing for Times Read more […]

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October 9, 2013

I opine.

I have strong opinions about lots of things. People ask for my advice and I offer it with relish and without research. If you want me to tell you how I think it is just use this form. (I have an opinion post below this so go ahead and scroll down.)     All disclaimers apply. I took a real life question from a non-Vermont based friend to lower the chances of me offending anyone. Anna: My boyfriend just moved in and it is the happiest I can remember being. I still think about every other Read more […]

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