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October 22, 2013

Heads up, shut down.

It was a very social weekend, he tells me. I read into this and try to pry more details out of him. This friend keeps things to himself effortlessly, so this is about as effective as asking Bellichick for an injury update. (Can any of you tell me how I have been a rabid Patriots fan for 20 years and have not learned how to spell our head coaches name? No?) There is a bit of something there though, so I work on the nail with my screwdriver, unequipped to get the job done. He sums up his non story Read more […]

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June 19, 2013

14 summer weeks.

Summer is coming, and I am scared. It is our last sodden week of school, and field days and picnics are being relocated inside. School trips are mud baths, and the ark building elective is full up. I cant remember such drear. My fantasy summer with the boys is being reimagined as a rainy nightmare. Substitute iPads for treasure hunts, building houses of cards instead of forts in trees, Swimming in the puddles in our yard instead of the pool at the club. Or most realistically never leaving the Read more […]

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September 15, 2011

Training Wheels

Oliver, 6.5, who swims the length of the pool, battles rebel warriors, can define half as “something divided into two equal parts” and thinks he can run as fast as a blur had us put his training wheel back on his bike this summer. I totally understand. Riding his bike had been a joyful act of freedom, and after the training wheel removal it was fraught with the fear of falling. He practiced for a day and decided it wasn’t for him. Was this quitting? Not in my opinion. I have 100% faith that through Read more […]

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August 22, 2011

Free to Be You and Me

If any of you had doubts about the most powerful marketing word on earth…let go of them. I quietly made Marble Jar free FREE on Saturday to help with a bit of a back to school PR push and have had almost 3,000 downloads in less than 48 hours. Those little robo trolls that scrape copy and spread it around like so much bad information seem to have their tentacles on the pulse of the app store discounts. Holy twitter. I’ll follow up with some real stats and graphs but this is my last week of vacation Read more […]

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July 13, 2011

My totally transparent iPhone app marketing efforts part 2, soft launch

Read the totally transparent iPhone app marketing efforts part 1, pre launch. What is a “soft app launch”? In many cases it is a carefully constructed period of time when the app is live in the app store and the developer and marketing team are working in concert to give exclusives and previews to media folks like Mashable. It is a delicate balance between wanting to get it in the hands of key influencers quietly (assuming you have registered all of the devices you can during beta testing with Read more […]

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May 27, 2011

The dangers of app store research

We all have those items on our to do list that just keep getting pushed to the next day. For 8 months mine has been “research great app store write ups.” Yesterday I finally got to it. I had handed off my phone to Gahlord at Thoughtfaucet to do a thorough test on the Marble Jar app, and I wanted to keep some portion of my concentration on what he was up to.  15% of my mind was already busy running “it itches, it itches” on auto-repeat regarding my poisen ivy, 20% was already thinking about mid Read more […]

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May 23, 2011

Clear Marble Jar Language

With practice kids can do almost anything. Marble jar is an app for iPhone and iPad that helps families break goals into small steps. Together you figure out “what” you are working towards (goal) and “how” you will get there (skills). Slide the slider to pick how many marbles you can earn for each small skill, and attach a related tangible goal. As you practice the app helps you track progress, and once it is filled it helps you celebrate! This makes it great for building routines, Read more […]

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May 7, 2011

The dreaded(?) uni-tasker

My mother in law has a compact, efficient kitchen. Or almost efficient. My mother in law is a lover of the kitchen gadget. On her counter. ON the counter she has a toaster oven, a pop up toaster, a coffee maker, a coffee grinder, an electric can opener, a kitchen aid mixer, a deep fryer, a popcorn maker, a blender and some other things. The cluster of tools do a lot to make her surfaces unusable. Amongst that collection I own only the coffee grinder, toaster oven, blender and mixer. And only the Read more […]

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April 22, 2011

Can my mom use it?

Deep in development on Marble Jar I have finally unlocked our UI (User Interface) catch phrase. Can my mom use it? After countless training sessions on our remote control she has given up trying to use our TV. Directing her to a blog post about my father I gave her the winwinapps url, and she didn’t scroll the page below the video to find it. She is an unusual use case. But not so unusual as to be un useful. When designing a UI for small kids and parents on the go “stupid simple” was my original Read more […]

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