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March 7, 2017

Eleven Signs You have Nailed this Parenting Thing

We worry about teaching our kids resiliency, kindness and how to eat a balanced meal. We are focused on the wrong things. If your kid can’t make a penis joke you have more parenting to do. 1. You kids understand penis humor Me: “I like a firm banana.” 11 year old: giggle. 9 year old: “what’s funny? Wait…are you talking about penises?” 11 year old: “Why yes, yes she is” 9 year old: “Thought so.” 2. Your kids express a feeling of cosmic emptiness.   11 yo: “You know what’s Read more […]

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January 18, 2017

Sharenting…what we are saying about our kids online.

My livelihood depends on me sharing secrets. Loyal readers know my bra size, that I cheated on my first husband, and the brand of pill that I take for my mental illness. The details, often intimate, that I share on my blog and in articles are a part of the stories that I tell. My most popular posts are about parenting. Steve and I have a free range parenting style that I call “lazy.” My writing is personal narrative, so even when I am creating a “listicle” for an outside website I tell stories Read more […]

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December 6, 2016

No more f’ing stuff. Holiday shopping for kids who have what they need

If your house is like mine you navigate a Lego minefield and dine amongst art supplies. You sniff stuffed animals for cat pee, refold unworn sweaters and search fruitlessly for the dice of a thousand board games. We don’t need any more stuff. Yet the season of giving is steamrolling towards us. Our house features both eight nights of Hannukah and a visit from Santa. This means we are overcome with 9 days of wrapping paper and stuff to store and ignore. This year things are going to be different. With Read more […]

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March 12, 2016

What you can learn from a loud group of fifth graders.

My husband is away in Baltimore. He goes there quarterly and we joke about his second family. Does this wife cook for him? Do those kids listen? I am pretty sure he sits in generic conference rooms and tries to move along a project between one part of the government and another, captain of a ship whose movement has to be measured miles per month rather than miles per hour. Left behind I order pizza and have to coach the fifth grade Destination Imagination team. DI, ostensibly, is team building, Read more […]

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October 21, 2015

How Skype Saved My Son’s Social Life

The voice sneaking out from under the playroom door is guttural but child-like. I don’t know any German Elementary school boys but clearly there is one in my house not more than 10 feet from where I stand, paused before entering the powder room. After I minute I hear the musical peals of my son’s laughter and his response. “Wait until you see this dog try to herd this turtle. He is just so slow! And I’m talking about the DOG!” The turtle safely tucked away I crack the door to see only Read more […]

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March 20, 2014

Parent Trap

iPad the parent trap

Leo’s homework tonight is practicing his songs for the first grade concert. The music teacher had not yet posted the link to the tunes so he has been muddling through in a less than totally confident way. I wandered into the room when I heard his voice falter and stop. He was at the computer and had entered “Let’s get together” into the youtube search. Complete with capital and apostrophe. He was scrolling through picture after picture of Hayley Mills from the Parent Trap. For those of you Read more […]

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