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October 9, 2015


Redaction. This gives me a great way to edit complaints enough to pretend to see bright spots, even though it feels like a lazy cheat because I have already done this. The Denver sun shines bright today giving me yet another wicked ass headache. I will never be done with the IRS, the very day following the news that I won my IRS audit I got more bad news from my accountant about 2014. The Denver Public Schools system is screening a great documentary about racism, that left me feeling Read more […]

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September 29, 2015



  Offering great respect to Homer Simpson I still need to lament the way baked good are tearing at the very fabric of my marriage. Somewhere in the archives of this blog you can read the heated full family fight about which is the TOP of the pancake. I had reasoning for my opinion then (the side facing the sky on your first pour) but I didn’t feel quite as adamant as I do this time. It is four days since our original battle and I still don’t think Steve has shown the repentance Read more […]

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August 31, 2015

Thank less

It has been a crappy morning. I woke to a rejection letter that I sneakily read before my morning medihation (not a typo). I try to meditate before email so I have a fighting chance at clearing my mind, but obviously I failed. I spent my 12 minutes breathing and thinking about how thin my skin is. Then chastising myself for thinking that. Then judging myself for thinking anything at all during my 12 minutes. I somehow started the toothbrush before putting it in my mouth and sprayed toothpaste Read more […]

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January 26, 2014

The cover up is the worst part.

Reading about chronic inflammation on some hippy website I learned of the “simple” treatment of earthing. Where you take off your shoes and walk barefoot outside. The free radicals just swarm up and deal with inflammation. That does sound simple.  There is a caveat to the intervention -you can’t walk on asphalt or concrete. It needs to be earth.  There are kids that aren’t allowed to walk barefoot outside anymore. We have paved so much of our living area that walking barefoot has become a treatment. I Read more […]

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January 24, 2014

We are all cheats and thiefs

Talking with some developers the other day I gave them shit for choosing not to pay for apps that they liked and used. In my reasoning they, more than anyone else, could understand that software is not fee. It takes time, sometimes lots, racks up hosting fees, and often has the legal, accounting, and design work associated with four square wall businesses. I wondered about the double standard. To these two there was no double standard at all. If we build something that has a back door, or a way Read more […]

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January 20, 2014


On the morning after the Patriots loss an hour or so before I will talk with my kids about loving humanity, even when humans can be horrible I am thinking about forgiveness. This might not be the best venue for this, because so many of you don’t know them, but I want to tell you about some friends of mine. They are a late 30s married couple who have navigated some challenging times together. For years she was the primary earner, working as a lawyer while he stayed home with their daughter. Read more […]

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November 17, 2013

Bridge Burning

For two weekends we worked together. The kids, little and littler carried planks a mile through the woods and stacked them carefully. Several grownups hung cables and attached rope railings. In the end it was impressive. Almost 10 feet above what is currently an unimpressive river we remember the floods of the last few years. We wanted something higher, stronger, more permanent. It is a way to conquer nature and appreciate it at once. Three neighborhoods came together to build the bridge so Read more […]

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November 9, 2013

Piss off

His sad grey face is pressed against the bottom pane of the window. It is not quite a meow. More like a bark, croak, yowl. Banished. He doesn’t know that peeing in my face was the last straw. But it was. One of the boys’ favorite stories is from Oliver’s babyhood. Steve was changing his diaper, grabbed his legs together roasted chicken style and bent Oliver’s legs over his face. Steve was a fastidious diaper changer and he ignored the squalking squirming baby as he prepped the diaper just Read more […]

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October 30, 2013


I am going with none of yesterday’s choices. I started writing up Good Buy, and there is certainly material there…but the media files are too much for me this morning. I only have charcoal grey and white to offer so that is what you are going to get. I was up until 2 am zillowing like a mad woman, researching every house over 850k in Vermont, tracking their days on market and their price drops coming to the conclusion that if the past is a predictor of the future in real estate we may actually Read more […]

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October 24, 2013

First In and Out

Which game show is it where you have to identify mashups of familiar phrases? Like Easier said than done is good. Easier said than done. Done is good. Now that I’ve insulted your intelligence by breaking down my post title I can go back to insulting myself…my real forte. So I was going to try to write around the particulars so as not to upset my friends at Burlington City Arts, but I am pretty sure I am the only jackass in this story. I tell it to try to learn something. For almost a Read more […]

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