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July 6, 2016

There are lots of places like home.

Our time away from home was all about home. We started in Vermont. I was sort of crushed by it. Unlike last summer where Vermont was wearing its sunshine finery it was grey and chilly for most of this visit. Last year we went tubing on the lake, to outdoor concerts, and BBQs at the yacht club (whatever you are picturing when you read the phrase yacht club you are incorrect- it is quite un yacht like.) This year we shivered. Even so as we branched onto Falls Rd at 11pm past the literal country Read more […]

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March 6, 2014

Denver…I hardly know her.

Missing our flight to Austin last weekend seems to have sealed our fate. Denver it is. Now we just need to figure out if the house we have under contract is the one. I’ll set aside that it is band-aid/baby aspirin color and thus reminds me of a decrepit pharmacy. Its location is stellar, mature trees, kid toss distance from the school, architecturally interesting houses, walkable to parks and tea shops, with peek a boo mountain views. The problem for me is that it is a bit like asking Read more […]

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January 10, 2014

Not the most flexible property manager…

You know that series of posters that the design dudes did about ridiculous client comments? I want to start collecting them for our Mariners property. On the bad news/good news/relative bad news/relative good news front we still haven’t sold our property. However we have tenants in through June who are willing to VACATE the premises for the 6 bookings I had between now and the summer. Then they move out for the summer. Also relatively good is the volume of inquiries I have had about renting Read more […]

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December 5, 2013

Can’t get enough of Shelburbia?

Come and visit. Rent our house and Steve will stock the fridge with local beer. Not only will you have an excellent time, but we will feel less foolish for moving without selling our last home. Its a win-win. Who doesn’t like a win-win? Read more […]

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November 2, 2013

Good Buy

When we listed our Sarasota house it was marketed as unfurnished. The buyer decided she wanted it furnished. As time went on we realized that “furnished” to us meant “I’m sort of like a stalker buying your life” to her. She wanted EVERYTHING in the house. Including my kids’ legos. She went through and made her own inventory. Everything, everything was on it. I responded that some of the things were personal items and Steve and I would not sign off on her inventory until we either did a video walk Read more […]

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