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October 20, 2013

Sexcuses, sexcuses


There are lots of couples that have rocking sex lives. This article is written for the rest of you…the ones where re-virginization is just around the corner and you and your partner have become roommates rather than playmates. Whatever your reason for slowing your sex life to a snails pace I want to encourage  less rationalizing and more doing…it. 10. Birth control- Yes, abstinence is the best birth control. But if you are married, and not a practicing catholic then for fucks sake figure Read more […]

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October 8, 2013

Fun with polygamy

If you are like me, you think normal is weird. Shelburbia does its best to fold and stow its freak flag. Our cars range from sport utility to mini van. Our afterschool activities are soccer, ceramics, piano, french club, and organic farming.  All children must be able to identify and dissect an owl pellet by second grade. Volunteer opportunities for parents in the school include compost patrol, where you help ensure that food waste is not landfill bound. We fight about street lights. Too many! Read more […]

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July 24, 2013

The elusive orgasm

The public facing comments on my Go Fuck your husband post were quite positive. In private and semi private however some real conversations started. Some women responded that I gave them yet another thing to feel shitty about. Obviously that is not my intention. Hopefully this can turn around and it can be a source of comfort, connection, and climax. Lots of people had particular questions about sex. I’ll answer some of them here. It seems that as I suspected a fair number of you do not in fact Read more […]

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