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March 1, 2017

Half-assed free ways to promote your blog posts

Just because I know 20 ways to promote a blog post doesn’t mean I promote my blog post 20 ways. It is a big huge blogging world out there and it can be hard to find your audience if you are a half-assed blogger. Here is a numbered list (because the blog gods like them) to work with if you are motivated, organized, and patient. My blog is a self hosted WordPress blog. Some of these things work only for WordPress. Some work everywhere. Some may work nowhere. Low Hanging Fruit (Easy) Stumble Read more […]

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January 7, 2016

How to find 112 extra minutes in your day

I know there is something you are missing from your day. Perhaps it is meditation, reading an actual novel, taking a long walk,or sorting through your files…well maybe not sorting through your files. We all need a little extra time for ourselves. Think of the difference an hour would make. 7:00. Skip the snooze. Just admit when you get up and set your alarm for that time. Put the alarm across the room and get your butt out of bed. No snooze button means no sneaky second snooze. Studies also Read more […]

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January 14, 2014

Freedom v Security

Oliver asked me which I valued more, freedom or safety. I asked him what made him think of that question, assuming I would have to revise my opinion about the level of discourse amongst third graders. Nope. It was from a Pokemon movie. Perhaps I need to revise my opinion about Pokemon movies. The plot was about cloned Pokemons who were being targeted for not being natural Pokemons. From his rambling description he told me that they were then being corraled to be protected. He wouldn’t tell me Read more […]

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December 6, 2013

Frozen Caveman TV prescription.

  I had dinner with a friend last night. The rare, one on one, for no reason at all, bread breaking. Neither of us were at our most animated but we covered lots of ground. I expected to leave and write a post about motivation, the difference between translation and interpretation, and how running is absolutely not like flying. Instead I find myself coming back again and again to her throw away comment that she hadn’t watched any TV in 20 years. None. For the past few years she has begun Read more […]

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November 30, 2013


Everything itches. And before you start…no its not lice, or anything else lice-like. I’m assuming its not the sometimes fatal rash side effects of my new mood stabilizer. That really would be the ultimate mood stabilizer though…I mean she was feeling pretty bad but look at her now…I can do anything and she doesn’t get upset. (Imagine picture of dead body being poked by vintage yard stick.) The night of gratitude has come and gone. Family and friends and food. Lara and I created an amazing Read more […]

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June 19, 2013

14 summer weeks.

Summer is coming, and I am scared. It is our last sodden week of school, and field days and picnics are being relocated inside. School trips are mud baths, and the ark building elective is full up. I cant remember such drear. My fantasy summer with the boys is being reimagined as a rainy nightmare. Substitute iPads for treasure hunts, building houses of cards instead of forts in trees, Swimming in the puddles in our yard instead of the pool at the club. Or most realistically never leaving the Read more […]

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June 30, 2011

Burlington Social Media Day

We launched out Burlington Social Media Day day with a breakfast Round “table” event. Here are some broad notes. Gahlord Dewald. Typically social and SEO are pitted against each other. Google webmaster tools, can make sure google knows that all of the pages exist. Use twitter, etc to add links to your deep pages, anything written before 2003. 1. Let google know  2. Use social signals 3. Add plus one button to your page…google will start to add these to analytics.   PR with Nicole Read more […]

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April 14, 2011

Why I’m a hypocrite.

You may have heard me mention that I am developing an app. No? I might be talking/writing/making videos about how natural consequences are the only great way to motivate behavior. Why then do I love Fourquare so? Those badges to nothing? Points on a leaderboard to nowhere? Tell me why. On Saturday. Foursquare day. Read more […]

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