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February 24, 2014


We are riding in the white Yestermorrow van towards the Pitcher Inn. I have my sketchbook balanced on my lap and am too tired to speak to my friends. Instead I listen to the conversation in front of me. Cameron is studying himself into a new profession. He has returned from the Marines and spends almost half his time at YM learning to build. He is describing the timber framing class and its instructor. His language is course and loving, a bit like the instructor he has brought to life in a few sentences. Read more […]

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February 23, 2014

Night and day

Tonight I switch from the hands on eutopia of yestermorrow to the manufactured fun of the pump house at jay peak. They are both Vermonty experiences. Yestermorrow teaches green building for the sustainably inclined, and thrives on barter, internships, and affordable local meal plans. The pump house teaches patience for the easily annoyed, and thrives on water, lifeguards and high priced local fare. At yestermorrow quiet hours are between 11pm and 7:30 am, but in fact there are only Read more […]

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February 20, 2014

Old friends, new places

I’m spending most of the day in the South end of Burlington. I am between errands at the Dostie Brothers frame shop, where two local boys have channeled their creativity into the creative economy, and the Innovation center which is based in the former home of General Dynamics, moved to North Carolina right around the time I was deeply involved in this community. I worked here in 2005 as director of the South End Arts and Business association, mid renaissance, when the area was consciously trying Read more […]

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February 8, 2014

Less ice, more flow.

My memory of the party is like flipbook, moments highlighted or greyed out, bits of video, different headlines. Getting ready, choosing my fleece legging for under my pants, realizing that they were several sized too small. Lets say I bought them that way. Cutting off the legs of the leggings and putting them on as thigh highs. Realizing we arrived half an hour for the party. Learning about concrete canvas, how it can help provide emergency shelter in disaster areas. Wondering if it could Read more […]

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February 5, 2014

White out

It finally looks like Vermont in Shelburbia. After a winter of too much cold and too little snow the sky has opened and it is falling hard and fast while the wind kicks up. billowing powder. From in here it looks good. Leo arrived home from school with snowflakes trapped in his eyelashes. I have plans to take a walk at Shelburne Farms tomorrow and I am wondering if it should be a snow shoe instead. For that to work out I would need to have snow shoes. I have no snow shoes.I heard they handed Read more […]

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January 11, 2014

True-man Show

The three of us who were home last night watched the Truman Show. I anticipated some questions from Leo about who was “real” who knew about the show etc. I hadn’t quite expected him to feel confused about whether or not the movie itself was fact or fiction. An hour and a half into it he had asked enough questions in just the right ways to finally determine that Jim Carrey himself was an actor and the entire movie was fiction. So he left the room. “Don’t you want to see the ending?” Steve asked Read more […]

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December 5, 2013

Can’t get enough of Shelburbia?

Come and visit. Rent our house and Steve will stock the fridge with local beer. Not only will you have an excellent time, but we will feel less foolish for moving without selling our last home. Its a win-win. Who doesn’t like a win-win? Read more […]

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November 17, 2013

Bridge Burning

For two weekends we worked together. The kids, little and littler carried planks a mile through the woods and stacked them carefully. Several grownups hung cables and attached rope railings. In the end it was impressive. Almost 10 feet above what is currently an unimpressive river we remember the floods of the last few years. We wanted something higher, stronger, more permanent. It is a way to conquer nature and appreciate it at once. Three neighborhoods came together to build the bridge so Read more […]

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October 4, 2013

The Dark Side

As the days dwindle, and the sun is not yet winter thin these golden evenings demand attention. I take the same walk two days in a row. The first overcast. Things are dewy and beautiful, but flat. The mountains a smudge, the grasses a field instead of individual shoots. The dirt road is a wide ribbon, and my movement is the only animation along the stretch. The next day it is all sun and shadows, the movement of light through the leaves and reflecting off the pond, 100,000 twinkles of daylight Read more […]

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September 15, 2013

Apple season

Move over Apples to Apples, I have a new favorite apple game. (And blog) So if you are too lazy to click the link and read the well written rules by the game founder I will botch them here. Every person has three layers. (Stuff it biologists) Skin, flesh, and core. Like an apple, see. At each layer you can be either good or bad. (Shove it people looking for nuance- this is a game) 1) GOOD-GOOD-GOOD Their Deal: Saints through and through; everyone else other than BAD-GOOD-GOODs Read more […]

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