Not the most flexible property manager…

You know that series of posters that the design dudes did about ridiculous client comments?

I want to start collecting them for our Mariners property.

On the bad news/good news/relative bad news/relative good news front we still haven’t sold our property. However we have tenants in through June who are willing to VACATE the premises for the 6 bookings I had between now and the summer. Then they move out for the summer. Also relatively good is the volume of inquiries I have had about renting the house. I go back and forth with about 20 people a day.

Recently I received an inquiry for July (bread and butter lets try to get this beast to carry itself time) He asked for a discount. He said he couldn’t afford the house and he and his wife were public servants. I apologized, told him I needed to keep it at full price for the summer week and wished him luck on the search.

He wrote back that his family was trying to pool money to afford it and did we take dogs? Since NO PETS is clearly on the website I replied that I was sorry but we didn’t allow pets. I told him that I felt like “a bad news machine.” If I were the type to use emoticons I may have. I don’t enjoy shutting people down. This house is not part of my charitable giving though.

He replied today: “well thats exactly right, you are not the most flexible property manager.”

I wonder if home away has secret shoppers or if this guy things he is doing me a favor by bringing his dog to my house and paying me less than my asking price?

The long term tenants have a dog too. Which I found out because I said “you don’t have a dog do you?” He, however, is renting the house in the slower season and is displacing his family 6 times. So I am allowing the dog. I should make him take the peeing cat to balance things out. Show him how great pets can be.

Day 2/100


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  1. Seriously how did I not know about those posters and I need one, maybe 2 for my office. So glad to hear you place is renting like mad. Sounds like the inflexible tenant needs to vacation with in his means.

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