If any of you had doubts about the most powerful marketing word on earth…let go of them.

I quietly made Marble Jar free FREE on Saturday to help with a bit of a back to school PR push and have had almost 3,000 downloads in less than 48 hours.

Those little robo trolls that scrape copy and spread it around like so much bad information seem to have their tentacles on the pulse of the app store discounts. Holy twitter.

I’ll follow up with some real stats and graphs but this is my last week of vacation before real life starts next week, so I wanted to put this out there as a teaser. Perhaps this 0 dollars and 0 cents price thing has legs.

Plus I will have to investigate iAd and all.

If any of you want to help with that feel FREE.

Here is my latest screen shot so there can be an image on this. I am going to guess that it has to do with a little app called Marble Jar.

Actions to get out of the house in the morning

Morning Marble Jar actions

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