How to get offered a sponsored post

I am about as capable of pitching as this toy is at fixing an engine.
I am about as capable of pitching as this toy is at fixing an engine.

If strike through was allowed in titles this post would be called: How not to get offered a sponsored post again.

It’s pretty simple. Just say no.

People have pitched me to pitch them. I have been asked to write about toys and trips and books and strange powder that you put in hair to make it look less thin. (I did try this product but ended up with weird color on my fingertips and an itchy scalp.) I am supposed to tell you to buy beautiful purple make up bags. I have found that they work well for pencils. If you don’t mind seeing just the tip sticking through the zipper.

So I have said no. Often before trying the product. Always afterwards. The things I pitch are things I found on my own. My top ten products are things I use all the freaking time. What follows are affiliate links that may or may not earn me $16.10.

  1. Ginger Peach Tea
  2. Tinted sunscreen that my MD says will save my life (spf 40 and light as a latte (texture not tint))
  3. That same super expensive knife
  4. Apples to Apples Junior
  5. Vicki’s parenting book
  6. Clogs clogs clogs (clogs)
  7. Every Body Soap (look at two bathroom products making the list…thats weird)
  8. The best vibrator (I don’t even make money on this link..but I want to help you out)
  9. Coconut Oil (good for body parts, furniture polish and cooking. what else do you need?)
  10. This house book that I never put away. (Which totally works with  the theme by the way)

Resisting the pitch pitch changes today. I am finally allowing myself to be paid for my opinion. Assuming you think being paid in food counts. Which it totally does.

There might be soup.
There might be soup.

I am headed to a Kosher Deli for a free lunch. It is possible (likely) that I was invited as an eater not a blogger and I am FINE with that. I have many decades of eating experience, and not to be braggadilicious but I can tell what is delicious. Also- as a proud culinary jew I know my way around a matzoh ball. Or at least through it.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how it goes. I should be upright by then.

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