Gummy Bear Rorschach test

What is this gummy bear feeling?

The first time I saw this picture (oh be quiet, you know you have a picture of gelatin desserts that you look at once a week too) I thought our little guy in the front was looking pretty jaunty. He was off to have a day of some sort. Probably a sweet day. He was no longer a mashed mess of bear limbs in a bag. I couldn’t quite see his expression (perhaps because his face just sort of fades away into a blob) but I imagined him smiling.

Today? Today he looks like he has turned away from the group. It is likely they are talking behind his back but because he is RIGHT THERE he can still hear them through his chewy ears. His blob face looks sort of alarmed. Just moments ago the four bears were together in a circle (Or maybe a square if their flat back were aligned correctly.) Now he is alone. And he doesn’t know if he will ever get welcomed back in to the fold. He might as well be eaten. Welcome to my gummy bear mood test. I have found it is a pretty apt determiner of your mad, I mean mood.

When you look at the photo do you think…

  1. The Gummy Bear candy is the pinnacle of edible gelatin applications. Can you imagine if in addition to their good cheer, adorable appearance and delicious taste they could actually give us the vitamins we need each day? They do? Humanity is amazing!
  2. Those other damn bears won’t share their square. Typical.
  3. I want to bite the head off of that bear…. deadly red die just speeds up what is happening to all of us anyways.

After listening to this audio clip do you think:

  1. Birdsong reminds me of spring and rebirth.  I think of possibilities and the incredible cycle of renewal that can come for each of us, and for earth as a whole.
  2. Do you hear that  bird? I think it lost its mother. I think it might be starving. Doesn’t it sound hungry?
  3. Those birds wake me every morning.

Now watch this video do you think:

  1. No one can keep true love apart. There is a bond between families that we are born into and those that we choose that remains strong through all of life’s trials.
  2. The mom seems to be looking for another dog. I think one of the puppies is dead and she knows it.
  3. I hate puppies.

I cycle through all three. Glad, sad, mad and then glad again. I am like a beginning kids reading book with more swearing.

What about you, are you more like to respond with anger, joy or sorrow? Have you seen the  cartoon that starts out as a brilliant and nuanced illustration of these emotions and ends up a formulaic mess? Wait…you might have another interpretation of Inside Out. Or maybe my zig zagging between the _ads just leaves you confused. When I started putting this together I was a 2. Now I am pretty sure I am a 3. In any case it is good that I am working from home today.

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