winwinner Wednesday: The Hicks Foundation

The idea: The Hicks Foundation was founded to eradicate cervical cancer in Vermont by providing free screenings, grants for medical care, and education and policy development about Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

In 2009, the foundation asked men in the Burlington, VT community to donate their professional or leisure time, and produced “Cinderfella,” a benefit event that auctioned off the men’s donated services.

How it started: In October 2004, Allison Hicks was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer at the age of 29. Within days of the diagnosis she underwent radical surgery. Although she made a full recovery, the surgery left her unable to bear children – particularly difficult given that she is a trained doula whose work is caring for mothers and babies.

Allison saw this experience as a call to action. Within months of completing chemotherapy and radiation treatment she started the Hicks Foundation, a 501c 3 organization dedicated to eliminating cervical cancer in Vermont.

The winwin: The Cinderfella 2009 event was a huge success; over 60 men walked the catwalk and the Hicks Foundation raised over $24,000 to help eradicate cervical cancer in Vermont. In the meantime, attendees got to bid on unique, fun opportunities (taking the stage with a rock band, ski lessons with an Olympian, a private meal cooked by a professional chef, and more).

How they used winwin apps: The Hicks Foundation was one of our early beta testers, and theirs was the very first event produced using winwin apps. In addition to offering us great feedback, they successfully managed the pre-registration and auction & payment processes for Cinderfella using winwin apps.

More info: You can learn more about the Hicks Foundation by visiting their website, at, and keep up with future events by becoming their fan on Facebook, or following them on Twitter.

Click here for a gallery of great photos of the Cinderfella 2009 event, or click here for a 2-minute video recap of the evening.

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