Droid’s all the Rage

It is no secret that I am an apple fiend.

Even its sales page is not quite as good.

Launching Marble Jar for the android marketplace today did not turn me around.

The application process was relatively simple, but it lacked the elegance of apples drag and drop screen shot tool. Most frustrating was the lack of time they spent on developer user experience. I could navigate between input areas, erasing changes in one when finalizing the other.

The big excitement that there was no approval process was lessened by the fact that I had coordinated this launch with nothing at all. So timing was not an issue. I went on to Amazon to submit it for the Kindle Fire marketplace, sorry, I mean the Amazon market place and had about the same amount of satisfaction hitting submit and then waiting until whenever that I did submitting to Android and getting to see it on my developers phone an hour later.

In fact, I didn’t even wait around to see it on my developer’s phone.

As he tested the app and I heard the ridiculous loud clicking of the camera I asked him (another apple devotee) what he thought. He joked that the android tagline should be “just like the iPhone but a little bit worse.” Except when it is a lot worse.

Give it to me people. You droid lovers out there. What is it that I don’t understand about your phones that makes me wrong?

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