Not Just One thing

Dear Leo,

Today marks a decade of having you in my life. It is hard to remember a time without you. A time before your almond eyed smile. A time before the special snacks you bring me. A time before you showed me what it meant to love and torture your brother in equal measure. A time before each animal represented a possible friend and each object on earth could be treasure. There was a time when I didn’t think a garbage can could be a hat or a belt could be a skirt in and of itself.

But you knew. And you showed me.

You showed me how to dress up and laugh until we cried. You showed me how to jump in giant holes and climb anything that was in your path.  You showed me how to take apart things that are broken and make them better than they were before. And even if you don’t know it yet that rebuilding works for people as well as stuff. You showed me that a sharpie could be body paint and wall decor.

You screamed and cried and laughed and loved your way through 10 years of utter Leo-ness. Thank you for bringing me on your ride. I don’t ever want it to end.


your Mo-ey.

You know how a picture is worth a thousand words…well what is the math on a thousand pictures? I bet you can do that math.

Here are some pictures of you from your first ten years.

You reflect the light.


You dress up.

You are a brother.

You are a great friend.

You love to eat…fruit.

You smile.


You are goofy.


You are wonderful with animals.


You pose for pictures.


You make many faces


You have never been just one thing. And to me you are everything.

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