This is post 10/100.

So suck it anonymous.

It was not Silas who guessed 9. He guessed 11 and so did someone else. So he can wait a few days to suck it. I agree with Aussa who says the lowball guesses are pretty good motivation.

Super local news of the week features me skipping my book group and never RSVPing. On the upside I delivered an IN PERSON RSVP to my friend who is hosting the party tonight. Those penalties offset, right?

They featured a “person of Shelburne” who I DON”T KNOW in our local paper. I will have to put that on my to do list for next week or early February. I can’t write this blog with my head held high if I don’t know the people of Shelburbia myself.

Work wise four of us are slapping together a true minimal viable product. Here is a screen shot from the temp site that we have already scrapped. It was scrapped because it had too many features. Our MVP is trying to have one bell and one whistle. I think that may be my next LLC name.

Off to lunch.

See you all on AFC championship Sunday. Which will hopefully be the second best day of the year.

Anyone have any hyperlocal news to share. This needs to be “I missed the recycling” level of update. No real milestones. That is for other sites.




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