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Parent Trap

iPad the parent trapLeo’s homework tonight is practicing his songs for the first grade concert. The music teacher had not yet posted the link to the tunes so he has been muddling through in a less than totally confident way.

I wandered into the room when I heard his voice falter and stop. He was at the computer and had entered “Let’s get together” into the youtube search. Complete with capital and apostrophe. He was scrolling through picture after picture of Hayley Mills from the Parent Trap.

For those of you that don’t consider Lindsay Lohan a peer this was the British version of the twins separated by divorce who meet and become fast enemies at sleep away camp. Put together in a small cabin as punishment for their mutual pranks they bonded and eventually figured out that they were in fact sisters.

They plotted to swap lives to get to know the parent that didn’t raise them. After a big reveal they planned to re-unite their mother and father and all live happily ever after.

The little girl fantasy fodder is thick. First comes sleepaway camp with loads of friends in the middle of big woods. Then finding a separated at birth twin. Really, what could be more exciting to a twelve year old girl? Perhaps having someone to scheme with and knowing more than your very own parents. It didn’t hurt that both of these parents lived in the lap of luxury, one on an old California ranch with her dad, the other in a city (London? or is that just because haley never quite shed her accent?) brownstone of some sort.

Guess what? There was a girlfriend to expose as shallow and scare away with snakes. And staff and grandparents to let in on the trickery. That was such a great time. It all ended with the family getting back together. Singing in the golden summer light.

Leo was not as moved by the youtube clips as I was. It was a bit trippy to watch my kid watching the kid I watched as a kid.

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