Steve and I took our six week Parenting on Track class two years ago. Yesterday I bumped into one of my classmates, the father of two young girls, and was greeting by the familiar “still on track?” that has emerged as way to reference our shared experience.  Pretty much, I replied with a shrug, knowing that most families would be impressed by my 4 and 5 years olds’ routine of packing their own snacks, not just putting on but keeping track of their outerwear, and regular contributions to our household function. They also save their money to buy their own toys go to sleep without little negotiation. It is what we expect from them.  What I was more excited to share with him was the news that I am working together with Vicki (that lovely lady over there —–>) to develop a new parenting app for the iPhone that incorporates some of the concepts of Parenting on Track.

Check back here for updates on the app (Marble Jar), which will hit the app store by mother’s day. In the meantime start thinking about your parenting aha moments. As hard as they are to re-tell, I would love to hear your stories.


That’s Oliver comforting a formerly screaming Leo back when they both rode in the cart. One from the archives. Never too young to help.

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