Quick quiz

Which element is most egregious…(overheard at a virtual conference)

1. Using nouns as verbs…when an actual verb exists. “Let’s see if we can find a way to solution this before January.”

2. Overestimating their ability to flex the space time continuum. “We have decided as an organization not to change the way we have done things in the past.”

3. Solutioning problems of their own making. Entire conference is about competing IBM technologies to allow virtual conferencing. This Solutioning is taking place over a virtual conference to which some of them fail be able to log on. This actual problem is not addressed, instead each caller talks about their current use case of the software. Everyone determines the redundancy of these redundant solutions. While taking notes the current solution stops Solutioning. The demo fails. Nothing is determined. Redundant solutions will continue on their parallel tracks for n number of years. Where n = ?


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