File this list under things that don’t surprise me.

1. The Burlington school budget failed. I did not pay that much attention to the budget, so its possible that this was a good thing. But in general I like to imagine that the school board and the citizens can find a balance that works for both property owners and quality education. This is a challenge for sure but it is not an unexpected challenge.

2. Women’s Health says I am right about fucking your husband. Its always nice to have someone else do the leg work to prove my personal theories. It could be that happy couples have more sex, or that more sex leads to happier couples…but either way its worth some time in the sheets.

Women’s Health tells it like we already knew it was.

3. IBM is looking to the cloud, and not so into hardware these days. It is no secret that IBM is moving away from hardware, and Steve is which will effect Chittenden county in general and my family in particular. The layoffs were not as piercing this time, but they are not over.

4. My not quite family member got an incredible send off by NPR and the NY Times. If you can use words like obscurantist while being interviewed by Newsweek you might make a good dinner date. “I’m an obscurantist,” Mr. Kaplan told Newsweek in 1980. “I’m drawn to people whose lives have a certain mystery — mysteries that aren’t going to be solved, that are too sacred to be solved.”

5. Shelburbia just can’t support affordable eateries. I called it my happy place and met friends there at least three times a week. Sometimes it felt like the only place that had sun in all of Vermont.

Screenshot 2014-03-05 14.51.41

Where should I go for a breakfast sandwich?

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