Signs that it is not a good day

  1. I consider kicking Steve into his alarm clock to silence it. 
  2. Showering is just too difficult. Too much energy.
  3. When my kid kisses me I check him for snot trails. Just common sense.
  4. I eat cereal. Begin countdown to shakes, and stomach pain. Too difficult to make a real breakfast.
  5. The sunlight highlights the dust on my dashboard. So dusty. Too difficult to clean.
  6. The smell of (<—–this) in my office makes me want to gag.Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 9.39.29 AM
  7. I am at my office. Instead of the workout place.
  8. I can’t remember the name of the workout place.
  9. I see that the photo is blurry, but the effort to retake it is just too much. I mean, I took it once, launched the drop box app, opened the photo, took a screen shot, and uploaded it. That should be it for the day, right?
  10. i
  11. Its better off leaving that one out.
  12. Im hoping we have four iPads charged so when the four kids are in my house this afternoon they can all be on a screen so I don’t have to leave my couch/bed/wherever I have settled.
  13. Seems like this list should have 13 items.
  14. Which means 14 because of that one I skipped.

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Anna Rosenblum Palmer is a freelance writer based in Denver, CO. She writes about sex, parenting, cat pee, bi-polar disorder and the NFL; all things inextricably intertwined with her mental health. In her free time she teaches her boys creative swear words, seeks the last missing puzzle piece and thinks deeply about how she is not exercising. Her writing can be found on Babble,, Great Moments in Parenting, Ravishly, Good Men Project, Sammiches and Psych Meds, Playpen, Crazy Good Parent, and YourTango. She also does a fair amount of navel gazing on her own blog at

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