I can see the good in almost everything, I just often have a wicked big caveat***.

I’m inspired by the bloggess to try to strike that asterisk.(Go ahead and click that link so she will know how much I love her…and fast forward to the bear post. Its worth it.)

Its gorgeous and sunny today, probably for the last time this year.

I left the bed at 11:42, made myself a healthy breakfast, and returned to bed, at 11:47.

I feel engaged, productive, and flexible, like 1 out of 31 days.

Shelburne Community School teachers are friendly, tuned into my kids, skilled communicators and don’t seem to give a fuck about science.

Instead of walking five days I’ve walked twice this week.

Our new house has everything that we could want and need, except a soul.

The laundry is running, dishwasher clean, floors vacuumed, and kids sent off screaming like mother fuckers to school, by Steve, while I stayed in bed.

The flooding in Colorado didn’t touch our friends who moved to Denver, and I owe them a phone call, and my kids owes them a letter, and I miss them, but they wouldn’t know it.

The bus will drop off my happy children right at our doorstep, so I don’t have to get out of bed.

The rocks look great in our yard moved over from the old house, here’s hoping they are approved by the homeowners association after the fact.

Tonight is the first night of our fourth round of Parenting on track, it is conveniently located, populated by parents I like, and Leo can just suck it when he says parenting class makes us worser parents.

My headache is dimming, I’m sure it will be back this evening so I can’t enjoy parenting class.

I love writing this blog, even if it is substantially an act of narcissism that loses me as many friends as it gains me.

There are more fruit flies than food in my gorgeous new kitchen, totally stuck that part in to have a bright spot, but most people would think my kitchen is gorgeous, but I am not most people.

If I read the non redacted text my day sounds pretty good!

See how easy it is to look on the bright side?



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