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May 24, 2016

The Gummy Bear Rorschach Test

Gummy Bear Rorschach

The first time I saw this picture (oh be quiet, you know you have a picture of gelatin desserts that you look at once a week too) I thought our little guy in the front was looking pretty jaunty. He was off to have a day of some sort. Probably a sweet day. He was no longer a mashed mess of bear limbs in a bag. I couldn’t quite see his expression (perhaps because his face just sort of fades away into a blob) but I imagined him smiling. Today? Today he looks like he has turned away from the Read more […]

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February 5, 2016

Snow-Kissed…Managing anger in a fairy tale life.

I remember the bulbs, squirrel eaten and buried upside down. They will have to fight their way through human error and forces of nature to open their faces to the sun. We planted them together my boys and I, looking ahead. Today the ground is snow-kissed..the bulbs blanketed in their sleep. Inside the boys are bundled in their own blankets, the plastic fleece gone from soft to pointed peaks with lots of laundering. I wonder what happened to cotton, why is it not the fabric of OUR lives. It washes Read more […]

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February 7, 2014

Spit or Swallow

Angry Kid with stick.

As he makes his way past his father he gives him a hip check with a grunt of anger. “Leo. Put down your plate and go to your room. Go take out your anger on your pillow or your bed, not on your father.” In an instant I have gone from ally to enemy and his almond eyes squint into slits. He stomps up the stairs pulls a piece of art off of the wall and slams it to the floor. Bringing my plate to the table Oliver sits shaking his head. “Welcome to my life.” He says. “Whenever he gets mad Read more […]

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