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March 30, 2017

Twelve years of this boy.

2005. I might not have started with this one if you hadn’t (gleefully) pronounced that you have vomited more than anyone else in the family. Sadly (or happily depending on your attitude which is almost always good) this is true. You were born with reflux. It was so ridiculous that I lay awake at night designing a new kind of baby sleeper which kept you strapped in and upright. Then we discovered that the swing did the trick and for several months you slept in a swing. Granny worried we would have Read more […]

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March 31, 2016

Happy birthday to my 11 year old

pink balloon

We celebrate your birthday early because we will be in Italy on the actual date. You have a sleepover with 8 other boys and are the first one to sleep, keeping your streak of 5 parties in a row where you nod off before a single guest hits the sack.

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February 16, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me

Picture of Anna Rosenblum Palmer

Here are 42 ways I feel old (er), even though obviously I am NOT OLD. I spent an entire year not knowing how old I was. Today I turn 42. Yet for the past 360 days I thought I was 42 already. Lets call this a bonus year rather than calling last year a lost year, shall we? I see 3am more than I see 10:30pm.  I am up wee hours with literal or figurative indigestion. Both bad. Only one can be fixed by Tums. A lovely dish of Tums graces my bedside. (see #3) I say “its too loud” 20 times Read more […]

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