What’s Happening?

Yeah, that’s the Fleming Museum packed with folks. The marble court is usually so austere, so…museum-like. Not last week for our first Pech-kucha night in Burlington.Burlington folk should mark their calendars for 2/10/11 for volume 2, and interested presenters can check out our facebook page.

This morning we gathered representatives from the past nine beneficiaries of The Clothes Exchange. Creating connections is one of my favorite parts of being involved with TCE. I’m encouraging everyone to come forward with their tangible wishlists and resources to find additional ways to support each other beyond the mighty dollar. Kelli Shonter from King Street Center mentioned that in addition to their Red Bus Clifford they have an empty building for most of the school day…gets the mind rolling Kelli!

Have spent quite a bit of time with Kate from The Community Sailing Center in Burlington. I had no idea that they worked with 40+ local organizations. I sort of thought of them as a summer camp. Thanks for setting me straight Kate.

Been working on the re-launch of ticketing. More to come about that soon…

Playing around with three new apps, parenting, football, and crowdsource marketing. Fun, but perhaps distracting.

What have you all been up to?

Event End Game: 3 tips to wrap up your wrap up.

Ahhhhh. Its over.

Celebrate, Rest… Not in the real world.

1. Have a reconciliation meeting before the event.

Know who will be doing the reconciliation, collect all expense receipts and enter into database, and have a plan for when and how you will be counting all that cash you rake in.

2.Have those sponsor and key volunteer thank you notes prewritten.

Leave room for final details, but they can be addressed, clustered with thank you gifts and waiting in cue. Consider giving your board gifts before the event, this acts as a motivation and a time saver.
3. Have a set of volunteers that you keep fresh for breakdown and wrap up.

Bring in a clean up crew to arrive for the last 1/2 hour of the event, and keep a few volunteers to make those inevitable runs to return supplies and drop off sponsor thank yous.

bonus. Select next year’s date and location before this year’s event.

You can advertise it in posters at the event, your attendee receipt, and any follow up thanks you’s. It keeps the momentum rolling, and requires significantly less energy than a full stop and full start.

winwinner Wednesday: Office Squared

Late last year, our friend Jen Mincar founded Office Squared (“02” for short), a coworking space in Burlington, VT for  freelancers and telecommuters seeking a collaborative workspace.

Not only has 02 been a great space for people to work (we’ve spent most of our time at 02 during the development and lanch of winwinapps), but Jen has also hosted a number of successful business events there.

On May 4, for instance, Office Squared will be hosting an on online display advertising workshop.

winwin apps' setup at 02.

Conducted by digital marketing expert Greg Stobb, this session will teach attendees how to cost-effectively target prospects on the web through proper strategy and effective measurement. Partial proceeds from the event will benefit Save Our Strays of Vermont.

Office Squared is using winwin apps to register attendees for the event (tickets are $15 and can be purchased on 02’s winwin webstack).

Also, the winwin apps team has partnered up with Lara Dickson of Deep Dish Creative to help 02 out even further on upcoming stuff, so stay tuned for more…

In the meantime, you can visit the Office Squared website, check out their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, and see event photos on Flickr.