Hairdos and Humor as a connector

So I couldn’t not share this.

It is a hard and lonely road that leads in and out of startupville. I regularly reach out to other companies that are related to what winwinapps does. Mostly these companies are only tangentially related, but yesterday I exchanged a few emails with one of the founders of Crowdrise.

I know Ed Norton is the face of the company, but clearly he is not the one writing the code.

Although I have some gripes about pricing, one part of Crowdrise that I celebrate (and its core funtionality imo) is its humor and fun.

Their mission is to make volunteering and giving FUN. In this they succeed. With points, jokes, and an incredible ability to interact in social space they remind us that giving back should be a blast. Their style is flippant as well as frivolous their tagline in fact is: if you don’t give back, no one will like you.

So what of the animal hair? Robert and I have chatted very briefly about our businesses, where winwinapps goes beyond donations to act as an overall toolkit for nonprofits, but mostly we have talked about hair. It makes him seem more real to me, makes me feel more connected to him, and fits well with the brand identity of his company. Not sure winwin needs those dos, but we do try to mix in a fair amount of fun with business. As for Crowdrise founder Robert, I like him.