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February 12, 2016

We are no Stepford Family

For many years I lived in Shelburbia. Now I live in Hilltop. On the surface there is a certain blond sheen to both of these communities. Where Vermont has wholesome apple picking and farmers markets and hikes Hilltop has ubering to hip eateries strolling to bespoke coffee shops and taking Fridays off to ski in powder. In both communities these activities can be done in high end yoga pants. There just might be a bit more Botox in Colorado. There are very few people in either neighborhood that actually Read more […]

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June 10, 2010

Hairdos and Humor as a connector

So I couldn’t not share this. It is a hard and lonely road that leads in and out of startupville. I regularly reach out to other companies that are related to what winwinapps does. Mostly these companies are only tangentially related, but yesterday I exchanged a few emails with one of the founders of Crowdrise. I know Ed Norton is the face of the company, but clearly he is not the one writing the code. Although I have some gripes about pricing, one part of Crowdrise that I celebrate (and its core Read more […]

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