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October 16, 2015


Depending on your attitude our family has either an evolved or creepy relationship to the meat we eat. Local food was easy to find in Vermont, particularly with the growth of Bread and Butter Farm mere blocks from our house. In the early days of Bread and Butter when Adam just had one milk cow we would drive a half an hour to Essex. I would return with glass jars filled with the raw milk that didn’t require me to pop lactaid and (theoretically) gave my boys the benefit of all the vegetables they Read more […]

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July 7, 2010

Winwiner Wednesday: Vermont Fresh Network

Vermont Fresh Network is a nonprofit on a mission to connect Vermont farmers directly with chefs and restaurants. The idea: A strong farm economy creates local jobs, provides nutritious food and preserves the close-knit communities of our state.The Vermont Fresh Network helps Vermont farms and restaurants team up to provide the freshest local food at restaurants. Annual Forum: Talking, thinking, tasting, learning, and tasting again. This event celebrates food and its impact on our economy and Read more […]

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June 9, 2010

winwinner Wednesday: Bluebird Tavern

That’s Nate and Aaron up there, and their incredible food. Although you can’t see Sue or Laura or the rest of the crew’s smiling faces, their mark is everywhere. From butcher boards, to great pours, to reclaiming reclaimed bars to keep things ultra local, Bluebird Tavern is my favorite place to eat, drink, and visit with friends. Their incredible dedication to turning out food that is art is matched by their desire to make their community better. Bluebird hosts Community Night Wednesdays where Read more […]

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