Me Devil Times

Going to skip tales of road trip, family visit, incredible Toronto Design center, and all work related things. Must seek commiseration for one particular experience.


If you had asked me what would cause a 6 year old boy GREAT JOY and his mother (who was already sporting a headache and dealing with his younger exhausted brother) GREAT PAIN…

I would have guessed:

star wars, anything animated, or active, a “show” where he “performs” acts using the treadmill as a stage and seems to have hired the same team that edits the last few sketches for Saturday night live, ¬†an 11pm bedtime…

You get my point. The list would be long and varied. Pretty much anything can excite Oliver, and in my state pretty much anything would have been miserable.

On the plus side:

Horses, knights, eating with our hands.

On the minus side:

Acoustics, being herded like cattle through 500 people, the fact that they apparently had pepsi in medieval times, but not vegetables, the add on costs of every freaking thing, getting poked in the eyes with flags, how easily flags can be used as swords when inspired by knights, fog machines, freezing rain (although that isn’t the fault of the show…), the fact that we will have to go again.

Pretty much even, right?

I'm doing a pretty good job pretending I don't despise this, right? Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and all.