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September 24, 2014

Online literacy and anal rape.

Once you clear the nightmare scenarios of kidnapping and fatal illness, walking into the room to your seven year old’s screams to find him frozen in front of a video of anal rape is pretty much the last thing a parent wants. It happened to us almost a year ago, and it still comes up at the dinner table and bed time occasionally. He refers to it as “that thing I saw” and we all know what he means. I would describe it here, except I don’t want to relive it myself. The details were beyond anything Read more […]

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January 4, 2014

Stranger in the house

Leo runs to grab some more apple slice and calls out over his shoulder “be back in a second.” Steve and I are in the kitchen. Oliver is upstairs. He is speaking ostensibly to no one. Or everyone. In fact it is someone with whom he is playing Minecraft. From Germany. On Skype. Earlier this afternoon I was un trimming the christmas tree when I sneezed. My cute sneezes have morphed into something that would wake the deaf, sleeping, dead. Its those boys. They have big heads. If you don’t follow Read more […]

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