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What works in person…unscripted, non-bullety slides, doesn’t translate so well online. Please ask questions in the comments and we will try to conjure the technomagical moments again. You were an incredible crowd! Thank you.


I’m sitting at my lovely round claw foot table (second to tubs in my claw foot love but only just) surrounded by evidence of my procrastination.

Prompted by a note from my CPA (you can’t put it off any longer, I need the answers to 2010 tax questions NOW, and did you see that Patriots game last night?) I have spread win win, household, home sale paperwork, insurance stuff, and more heart palpitation causing stuff to the far edges.

I am helped by Emmy who bats the pen to the ground, walks over the keyboard where the computer is open to Quickbooks May 2010, and then settles in my lap, directly on top of the bank statement I am referencing.

My original tax extension was legit. I was missing some fancy alphanumeric form that I needed, and needed someone else to get for me. However the time between March 14th when I filed the extensions and NOW, 12 days before the taxes are finally due stretched on with NO TAX WORK AT ALL.

Steve is on gchat holding back his cursing as he re-provides me with rental income and mortgage fees that he had entered neatly into his spreadsheet in February. The fact that he is traveling later this week so I am solo is probably working in my favor. He seems to virtually bite his tongue as he interrupts whatever important aerospace stuff he is doing to dig up numbers like $740 in quarters from the laundry.

Its odd that someone who is early for EVERYTHING can also be a procrastinator. In fact I seem to operate firmly on either end of the spectrum. Either jumping into things quickly and splashing around to figure it out, or waiting until the last POSSIBLE minute, to maximize my stress over what could be an easy task. These taxes will take 3/4 hours (plus the time I am typing about them now) but the amount of fretting I have done (without any progress) since March is easily 20x that.

I have a new app coming out. Patience. Where you use its randomized timer to put off things that you are itching to do immediately (calling your ex, eating a brownie, buying a third grey cashmere sweater.) I designed it during the summer when I was taking on way too many projects, starting things without seeing them through, and other fun but ineffective practices. Now that it is fall, and I am focused on weaving these threads together into something real  I am MUCH more excited for the sister app Procrastination. Maybe I would be posting now about the AIA conference in two weeks, or my completed presentation for the DC trip, instead of the taxes. That I haven’t finished.

Are there things that you procrastinate?

Are we a procrastination nation? Sometimes it feels that way.