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May 23, 2016

Family Meeting- 20 minutes a week can save your sanity

Every Monday evening we clear our dishes and sit around our rough barn wood table to dish with each other. The four of us have been having family meetings (almost) weekly for 9 years. We have stuck with the schedule Danny Devito style on trains, planes and automobiles. We have skyped and face-timed. We have cried tears of joy and frustration. Despite wriggling and whining (mine), somber promises (Oliver), threats of incarceration (Steve), and a monotone mutter (Leo) we make it to the table. And Read more […]

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March 23, 2011

Problem Solving with Family Meeting

OK guys… There is a reason I have a parenting expert working with me for Marble Jar.  This is a video of my family doing step three of our family meeting:Problem Solving. Family meetings inspired by Parenting On Track are where we Appreciations: each family member shares something Contributions: we re-assign what jobs we will do to keep our household running smoothly Problem Solving (you can view first hand how well that will go below) Allowence First some disclosures: I don’t seem to Read more […]

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