Why I write version 4.

The word dump that allows the brain dump.

1.Because I think through typing.

2.AND to clear the words from my head. (Logic is not one of the reasons.)

3.There are people that want to talk about depression and miscarriage and money and sex who need an over sharer in their life. That might as well be me.

4.I want to have a one word answer to “what do you do?” at cocktail parties.

5.A $25 check made out to me is better than a $25 check made out by me.

6.I always wanted to make stuff but I can’t draw and I don’t consider offspring part of the creative process. Except literally.

7.Writing can be both messy and disciplined. I can have a brain dump, or revisit, reorganize, revise and reinvent. Guess which I do more?

8.Even though “new media” has a 30 hour life cycle it also offers immortality. It is both right now and forever.

9.It helps me remember me.

10.Having a dedicated place to be selfish helps me be present for other people the rest of the time. I said helps.

11.Knowing that I have a place to explore the spark of an idea helps me notice the spark. Phrases, challenges, individual moments can live twice. In the exact moment and again when I poke at them like the lump of clay they are.

12.It thickens my skin. The internet may have Captcha filters, but not reader filters. Many of the comments I get are mean. This allows me to reexamine and reframe my ideas, and remember that most emotional responses are from people’s own shit, not whatever shit I might have put out there.

13.I just believe in Putting Out.

What about you? Why do you do what you do?