A long time ago…

We used to be friends. But I haven’t thought of you lately at all.

Or rather I have thought of you almost every day for the last 8 months.

Those opening lines are the Veronica Mars theme song. I have always been a bit of a tv junkie. During “sick” days as a kid I would mark up the TV guide (remember the TV guide?) with a full day of television, at times marking first through third choices. This was before TiVo, hell, this was before remote controls, and I would sit on my parents “big bed” with my bunny puppet waiting for the Brady bunch to come on.

Although I don’t think Veronica Mars is the best show ever made for television it is certainly in my too ten, if not my top five and I have watched every episode twice. Once when it originally aired and again in the last month.

I contributed to the kick starter campaigns and read each of the updates carefully, as if there might be some secret within. Three times in the 86 updates there have in fact been secrets. First they announced which theaters would be showing the movie on 3/14 and two friends and I began plotting a road trip to. Either Boston or Montreal. Then that became moot when I realized one of my kick starter rewards was a free download code to watch the movie the SAME DAY it appeared in theaters.

Which was yesterday. One friend came over and with the sounds of smoothie making in the background we traveled to Neptune California to watch Veronica and Logan reconnect and solve yet another crime. In all honesty if you didn’t watch the show I don’t think you would be particularly impressed by the movie. But as Fans with capital Fs Maura and I were in a constant state of near glee as they kept the inside jokes coming as regularly as the pacific surf.

The third surprise I found I the. Kick starter update was the opportunity to donate $500 to Kristen bells foundations and receive two tickets to a 200 person screening tomorrow at noon to see the movie with the cast.

Being the well off dork that I am I went ahead and donated the money. Now I am in the dealt lounge at JFK waiting to board a flight to la.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

And you can say you remember me when….